Outfit: Right on track

a dress I designed and sewed, thrifted denim jacket, tote c/o RedBubble, old shoes and ring, coffee pot pin, 'Mulder it's me' pin, 'Be brave' pin

There are times when I feel out of tune with life and with myself and when I feel so stuck in the rut, it feels hopeless to even struggle to get out. Though being down is a way to live, I dislike the feeling of boredom that sometimes accompanies this state. When it turns to dissatisfaction, things tend to get interesting, though. I can't stay dissatisfied long. I go looking for something new and exciting to break my routine. I start to try new things, I fail at them of course, but I don't stop. I follow my curiosity. Finally, I lose my temper and break out of my sorrowful state, only to find out that life can be enjoyed.

This applies as much to living in general, as to my work. I tend to go to very weird places with my designs when I'm in a phase of making stuff up. I often dislike the results and discard them, and have to start from scratch. This dress is one of the pieces that happened along the way to something completely different: it's so weird, it's neither good, nor bad. To an outside eye, it probably isn't even weird at all --just a simple 90s inspired piece. To me it is, though, because I know all the tiny steps I walked while making it, like the stage where it was shortly a smock dress and looked terrible and sad. The final outcome is a mixture of hits and misses, and as much as I enjoy a nice summer dress, I will not be making this one again. There's something awfully off about it, something I can't put my finger on. Perhaps seeing it on a more balanced body would make me appreciate it more. I make things with myself and women similar to me in mind, though, so that's no excuse. Still, a nice excercise. And I really rather like the fabric I picked, so that alone may be reason enough to wear this one from time to time.

I'm wearing a dress I designed and sewed, thrifted denim jacket, tote c/o RedBubble, old shoes and ring, coffee pot pin, 'Mulder it's me' pin, 'Be brave' pin
Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. Strange, how opinions can differ! I find this dress, and you in it, utterly adorable!I love the colors and flower pattern, I love the shape, and I find it fits you perfectly!
    I also have things, which my "surroundings" find great on me, but I don't. For example my hairstyle: I love to wear My hair in a bun, but everybody around me much prefers it, when I wear it down.
    We have to do what is ok for ourselves, not for others. We have our own ideas about what's pretty and comfortable and what's not. And we have to follow our own ideas!

  2. Interesting how a dress or something we make loses favour just because we associate it with a negative state of mind. To me, the onlooker, it looks so pretty on you; compliments your skin tone, your eye colour and your pretty hair. Maybe put it away for a bit and revisit again later. Boots and tights will give it a different look in the colder months too!