Me Made May 2015 wrap up

Me Made May 2015 is over and this calls for a wrap up. If you can't remember what I'm talking about, it's a call to action for all the crafty people who make their own clothes. In May, we wore our handmade stuff to boast about our cool hobbies and show off our talents. The basic idea is to wear as much handmade clothes as one can, preferably everyday. I chose to challenge myself for wearing me-made clothes for two out of three weekly outfit posts that I publish on the blog (an as much as possible off it). I'm glad to say I managed to reach my goal... almost. On one occasion I wore an outfit composed of RTW pieces and a cardigan made by my Grandma - a she-made, if you will (it's a term a few fellow sewing instagrammers developed and I love it!).

All in all, you had a chance to see nine outfits composed out of me-made clothes --out of thirteen outfit posts total. I honestly could have gone for me-made with each post but I did find it easier to wear RTW outfits on some days - mostly because I didn't have warm enough me-made clothes for the exceptionally cold May we've had.

You can see all of my Me Made May 2015 outfits here:
1, 23
4, 5, 6
7, 8, 9.

One of my main realisations during this MMM was that I tend to make clothes that are most suitable for warm days and don't lend themselves to layering. Most of my makes are in bright colours and patterns and some of them are a little bit too fancy in cut to wear on a daily basis. 

I lack more basic pieces. I need to sew more solid colours and probably a lot of neutrals. A simple black dress is a must and a next sew as soon as I finish that new blue floral fancy dress that I've had on my mannequin for a few days...

I was also glad to see that what I make doesn't fall apart even after some heavy duty wear like it had to endure in O. where we were hiking all day through the forest and many times my skirts and dresses got tangled in branches and twigs. I do have this fear that my seams won't last but hopefully I'll get rid of it after testing my clothes more often in demanding conditions.

All in all, Me Made May 2015 was a nice challenge to take part in. I think I'll participate next year and see what my thoughts are then. I wonder what will change in a year in my wardrobe and how my approach to sewing my own clothes will evolve (keeping my fingers crossed for more reason and less frill).


  1. This is such a lovely wrap up post! If I may say so - I think you did extremely well, and it was a joy to see all the clothes you've made yourself!

    1. Thank you Mona! You're such a dear and you always encourage me to think I did good when I'm not so sure myself :).

  2. MMM was a lot of fun to watch. Since I don't sew my own clothes (though I might learn someday), it's been mighty intriguing to see some others (read: you LOL) flaunt their sartorial creations on the internet. I guess I understand where you're coming from a bit. When we create something, we'd like to make something absolutely grandeur and out-of-the-ordinary. So much so that we forget that basics, ordinary as they may be, are basics for a reason. If you want to, of course you can make more basics in the future. But, otherwise, I think it's fine to just thrift them or buy them from ethical brands or let someone give you their hand-me-downs. It would be a lot less wasteful like that, I find.

    I think this challenge was also important to take down your creations from that pedestal and actually put them to the test. I mean, you didn't create them to just stare at them all day, are you? It could help you grow as a seamstress ;)

    If I could pick a favourite, I really adore the yellow gingham skirt you made. So adorable and should be quite versatile in my closet (this isn't a hint whatsoever LOL). Hope to see more of your styling!

    P.S: It's okay about the comment thing. It's not inconvenient, just I feel bad when I can't reply to your comments. But it did bring me here. Win-win, I guess?

    Alive as Always

    1. You're so right about taking the things I create off the pedestal! I couldn't have put it better. It's really great to just wear them like normal clothes (which I do but... probably not as often!). I need to wear more od my me-made stuff and then check what needs to be improved.

  3. These photos should be turned into paintings, they're that beautiful. The colors, the light, the clothes, you...all so pretty.

    1. Aww, thank you dear! It's so flattering of you to say! <3