Too cute

I wanted to wear this dress again, as it's one of my faves from the last year --I've sewn it myself from a thrifted fabric that I loved and I put a lot of effort into making it due to a path of mistakes that I took-- and so I took it with me to O. I was packing last-minute and actually just put a lot of stuff into my traveling bag, without really thinking if they go well together. I usually plan my traveling outfits in advance but last week was so hectic I had no time for that. So when we arrived in O., I was faced with a need to compose outfits from the random stuff I grabbed. And this occurred.

Now, I'm a complete sucker for cute. I honestly can't resist looking at pretty girls in sweet clothes, looking all kawaii and like cupcakes. All the pastel pinks and blues and whites get me. All the lolita styles appeal to me greatly. I might be vicariously re-living my non-pink early teen years in my late twenties. Does that make me weird? Sorry if it does! Personally, though, I feel it's too much for me to wear. I'm no longer that cute teen or tween (actually, I never was, my tweens were mostly spent in the most non-cute grey, shapeless sweaters and jeans I could find). I still feel great in nipped in dresses and skirts but probably not in overly pastel colours and not looking like a schoolgirl or a turn-of-the-century-themed anime character, like I feel I do in these photos. They were loads of fun to take, though!

I'm sure I'll style this dress again and again! I still like it and I think the splatter paint print is perfection. The cut is very flattering to my shape and it's basically my go-to silhouette for warm days. Still, I most certainly won't style it again the way I did here! I'm thinking something less costume-y and more modern, and I think there won't be any problem with that! This dress is quite a versatile piece, by my standards.

Hat: My Granny's
Cardigan: knitted by my Granny
Dress: made it myself
Shirt: thrifted
Oxfords: Nord
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  1. I LOVE how you've styled the dress here! I just adore the outfit!! I think it looks fantastic, and very cute, and I think you look great wearing this cute outfit!
    I sometimes wonder if I wear to "cutesy" clothes, but then I think as long as I think it looks great, that's the only thing that matters!
    The dress is beautiful and you've done a marvellous job on it!
    Much love

  2. Ugh this post is so stinkin' adorable and sunny and summery!! =)

  3. Przepiękne zdjęcia w fajnym klimacie! ;))

  4. So beautiful, am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. You are so creative and inspiring

  5. Słodko, uroczo... czarująco! Cudne zdjęcia, promieniejesz :)) pozdrawiam

  6. Super cute indeed!

  7. O Mamo,o Mamo, o Mamo!!! Jak pięknie.... sielanka na wsi w latach 20. PIĘKNIE, zachwycam się i rozpływam, bo brak mi już słów!

  8. What an adorable outfit!


  9. Things can never be too cute for me so I naturally adore this outfit :-)