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I'm still on vacation in Italy now and since I'm having some problems with downloading photos from the camera (temporarily I hope!), please enjoy this post about a person that I may not ever know personally but she is an important everyday actor in my life nonetheless.

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One of the first personal style blogs I started following was Delightfully Tacky. Its author, Elizabeth, is an exceptional woman showing us around her life in a beautiful and, most importantly to me, very sincere way. 

The things thad had first driven me to her blog were her original outfits and photos, of course, but I stayed because of her gentle and considerate personality that shines through her writing. A small  and very subjective selection of her outfits you can see here but I recommend you take a plunge into the massive archives of this almost 7 years old blog, full of great inspiration and dynamic development. 

I believe I first stumbled upon Delightfully Tacky about three years ago and she has been changing her colours over time in a way that I think is consistent with how she has been choosing her life path. From the more boho styles that evolved during her 3 months long roadtrip, to the very girly and sweet outfits based mostly on dresses and patterned blouses and cardis from the time she's settled down and then to more modern and extravagant clothes of today, she's always been exciting to watch and I hope I get to watch her for many years to come. 

That said, it's not only the clothes that are the content of her blog. She tackles a lot of different subjects, be it food recipes, home decor, DIY or style advice (love this post on mixing prints! I've been coming back to it loads of times). What I've been appreciating the most in her recent writing were posts in which she opens up about her outlook on life, society and ways we deal with other people. She tackles such sensitive topics as responding to vulnerability, switching from the Pill to fertility awareness and learning, sucking and being honest about it. Actually, just read the whole Life section of the blog. It's a heap of great food for thought. 

Life has been swallowing her more lately, it seems, as she's been posting less but to me, that just makes waiting for the next post all the more exciting. So hop on to this big-haired beauty's blog and spend an afternoon or two (or a week or three) exploring her adventures.

All photos (C) to Elizabeth Morrow of Delightfully Tacky.

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  1. szczerze to nie znałam jej bloga. zaraz wejdę i zobaczę :) pewnie zdobędę kolejny must check blog :)
    ps: mam nadzieję, że zdjęcia niedługo się zgrają! :)