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Hello there,

My name is Klara and I am a 32 year old living in Warsaw, Poland, with my boyfriend and two dogs and a cat. I am a maker, always following my heart. It's thanks to this blog that I discovered my love of sewing clothes.

a Robot Heart is a personal style blog where I usually talk about sewing and clothes and conscious shopping and ethical fashion and positive body image. And sometimes I just talk about the beauty of nature because that's important, too. You're going to encounter endless photos of dreamy natural locations on this blog.

I started writing this blog in 2013 when I discovered that I can wear feminine clothes and it makes me feel happy. Clothing played a large role in my life at that time and on this blog, I tried to understand and explain why. I am now in a sweet state of stylistic nirvana --all thanks to writing this blog.

You are very welcome to contact me personally at aRobotHeart(at)gmail.com!


I work as a seamstress and sew made to measure women's clothes.

I also work as a photographer and outside of this blog, I do wedddings and couples and family photography. This is where you can see  my professional photographs.

I stand behind A Project On Body, a project that incorporates cultural anthropology and nude photography to talk about the place and role of the body in the world of contemporary young people living in large cities in Poland.


  1. Hello, I am new to blogging and I love your style! Is it alright that posted about your blog in my blog?


    1. Hi Joy! Thanks so much for writing! Of course it's ok and I loved your posts, by the way! Thanks!

  2. Hello Klara! I am a random lady who just figured out Bloglovin' (so i can actually truly follow some of the blogs i have come across and really enjoy). I found your blog via A Clothes Horse. So I read my first official blog post of yours just now and was pleasantly "surprised"/intrigued/or something to see your talking about prettiness/beauty. I didn't see an option to comment there, but I just wanted to tell you I exist and I am going to enjoy following your blog :-) I can relate to the things you said in that blog post. And I think it's so cool that whatever mode of thought you may be in, you are still your own model. I am currently working with allowing myself to dress the way I really want to dress even though i'm not "where I want to be" physically. Well when I get behind a keyboard I can tend to go on forever, haha, so hello, thank you, and wish you the best!

    1. Hi Melinda!
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I'm happy you felt like you could connect to what I wrote in that post. I think a lot of women feel similarly about that and at the same time, they're trying to just live a good life and find respect for themselves, no matter their looks. I know how important that was for me when I first came to terms with it. It's a journey --and an interesting one at that. I hope yours will be pleasant and full of joyful surprises.

      Wishing you all the best!

  3. Hello Klara! I was looking for inspiration on the Internet and found your amazing and lovely blog. Must say it's been a pleasure to find your passion about clothing and the original way you see fashion. Felt immediately identified because I also sew my clothes (though I'd like to have more time and create more garments). I find the process of looking for fabrics, designing patterns and sewing really beautiful. The best sensation is feeling you're wearing something you did with your hands. I'll visit soon, now that I know your personal corner, I don't want to miss a thing :)

    Nice to meet you,

    m a r i q u i t i n a

  4. Hi Klara, I miss your blog. Any idea when you will be back?
    Outfit Zest

  5. Hi Klara!!! It's Sally here from saysallymay.com! I just caught your message on my jaw surgery post, and it has absolutely made my day!! You've gained yet another huge fan, you're absolutely stunning, and I can't wait to see you go perfectly through your own jaw surgery experience too! Here if you need any guidance!!

    Love and huggins!