This is it.

Lately I've been drawn to creating again. I used to create a lot, partly for a living as a designer/photographer/seamstress, partly for personal fulfillment as a blogger and occasionally turning to different artistic media. Then I stopped for a couple of years, I decided I wasn't inherently creative at all and didn't want the burden of having to be creative anymore. It's hard to explain the shift that has happened, it would be a long story to tell, far too long. I think it's enough to say that while this blog was a great adventure and let me focus on myself as an object, I have come to understand that it has served its purpouse. When I'd written in my last post that I was excited to come back and see what I can come up with, I wasn't fully realizing that what I was really hoping for, was finding a new outlet for my creativity --something was already brewing under the surface, itching to come out, my standoffish resolution was finally beginning to crumble. It took a couple months for me to see where this path has taken me --and it's now a small and narrow space where I'm exploring new and old creative ways with new eyes. 

With a sort of calm surprise and a sense of relief, I have found it's not about me anymore. I am not central to my art, I'm just a pair of capable hands that draw or paint, or a pair of eyes that observe and channel. My experience of looking at myself as a central point of my creativity has become saturated for the time being. That is probably why I'd started to withdraw from this blog about two years ago already. I didn't really have a way to understand the 'why' of it or the means of putting it into words for myself or others. I find I often arrive at certainty for self after a lot of time has passed.

I am certain now, though, that this is is: this is the end. I'm gone on another path which may at some point cross with the path laid out for this blog. I'd like to go it alone this time, though, so I won't be sharing my progress here, as with sharing come expectations --and I still need time and space to fully relax into my new work. 

Thank you for all these years together. They mean so much and I will carry them with me forever. 



  1. I wish you the best in all of your creative endeavours! I have come to this realization for myself lately too- sharing my art on social media actually made me less creative. Letting go of having to share it with others has allowed me to be more creative. I will miss your blog, but I hope that you are able to create more without it!

  2. Your writing and photography remain a source of inspiration that I return to again and again. I hope you find as much joy and creative fulfillment in your new work as I've found in your blog. And if you decide to come back to this platform, I'll be here to welcome you back with much excitement. :-)