Long gone

I was recently trying to figure our my relationship with my online presence. Facebook went down one evening and I found myself hoping it just blows into smithereans and never goes up again. I ranted about this to people on my instagram like you do when you're angry at social media... you go and rant on social media. I got an overwhelming response of understanding: people are tired. I'm tired because I have to do the daily grind of marketing my vintage dresses on social media, others are tired because they miss the face-to-face connection or they just can't keep up with the non-stop chatter and the need to answer every comment in their feed.

But then there is another side of this coin. There comes a day when I set up my tripod and take a couple of photos that are more crative than my run-of-the-mill shop packshots. And then I want to share these new photos. And this is where I go to: social media. Because where would I go if there wasn't an instagram or a blog or a facebook? Who would I show these to? I'd keep them on my hard drive to be forgotten. And this is where social media is goodness, it's gold, it shines and it's worth so much: the genuine connection that can be crafted thanks to it, the possibility of sharing something potentially valuable and getting feedback on it. Without having to care about the numbers at all. This is where this whole thing makes sense.

I'm wearing a 1970s gown available in my shop, Apple Thief.
I took the photos myself.


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