Plaid season

Vintage 50s/60s plaid cape available in my shop Apple Thief.

Hello there! How's your autumn been so far? I've been enjoying mine a lot these days. A lot has happened in my life as of recently and I'm just rolling with it. Even though some of the events were and are pretty draining, I seem to have some sort of unusual ease in me lately. Stuff happens and I just let it pass me by while I pick out the best pieces and take them and store them in my memories like fallen leaves that you keep in an old book, trying to preserve their colors. It's a good place and a good feeling.

I'm wearing a vintage 50s/60s plaid cape available in my shop Apple Thief; old jeans and bag and shoes, borrowed sweater, pin by Northern Spells

I've recently had much more ease in my wardrobe as well. I no longer only stick to nipped waists and flared skirts that demand you watch yourself as you go about your business in the stark winds of autumn. I will wear them once in a while but more often than not, I'll go for a nice pair of jeans and a warm ans cozy sweater on top, paired with a piece of stylish outerwear like this vintage plaid cape -- that's how I like to see myself nowadays. A beret on top of all that, of course. I never leave home without my beret in the fall.

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Photos by Bartek.



  1. Piękna ta pelerynka i wspaniałe zdjęcia:-)

  2. I LOVE it! You did an awesome job.Beautiful photos. The whole stylization looks great!