Vintage 70s dress available in my shop Apple Thief.

And so it goes... you know, there are less and less times that I really *want* to go out and take photos for the blog. Not that I don't like the blog anymore, far from it! I guess it's just that my current work at my shop, Apple Thief, has taken my mind off of things that used to be so much more important. Currently though, I keep taking photos for the shop all the time, and actually feel that my focus has shifted from me being a central figure in my pics, to the clothes I'm wearing. Never before has this happened, really: even when I used to show you items that I received as gifts from various shops, I still felt that it was me who was key there in the pics. As self-centered as that sounds! I guess it really sounds true to me and that's that. Now, though, it's the dresses that take the central stage. And at the same time, I feel that they occupy a place in my mind that used to belong to this blog. Hence --less space for me. I'm totally fine with that, actually!

Vintage 70s dress available in my shop Apple Thief.

It warms my heart to know some of you still visit this place --some daily! I couldn't be happier about that. It makes me feel a little guilty, though, and I'm aware I'm not catering to my most loyal followers' needs for pretty pictures sufficiently. So sorry about that! Maybe when my shop settles a bit (it's only been active for two months after all!), I'll be able to free up some of that lost mind-space and again fill it with blogging. So far, though, you can expect a surprising and totally random post from time to time. Like this time, we went to an arboretum and it was so incredibly beautiful and mysterious with its little stone paths and dark corners, and my dress turned out to have been too large but it's really fine, you know, because seeing it in these photos made me decide to sell it without regret, so that's ok. See you around!


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  1. Hej! Właśnie przeprowadziłam się do Stanów i szukając sklepów, przez przypadek natrafiłam na Twoje zdjęcie w oxfordach z Modcloth na ich stronie ;) (od razu Cię poznałam, bo zerkam na tego bloga już od dawna!). Zamówiłam sobie parę rzeczy stamtąd, ale szukam innych sklepów tego rodzaju, podpowiesz coś? :) Poza ETSY i Apple Thiefem oczywiście! ;)