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When RedBubble approached me this year and asked to join their Back to School campaign, I smiled and let my mind wander. My school days are so long buried in the past that what I'm feeling about them is almost a longing (note: almost! I wasn't very keen on school, ever!). The smell of coffee my mum made early in the morning, the sounds of people gathering in the school corridors during the breaks, the friends I made, the sneakers and the tees I used to wear... I choose to remember the good parts and the images associated with them. A better word perhaps, then: nostalgia. That's a good word.

So, nostalgia. To me, it's a kind of memory that is almost creative. If I cling to the memory and try to remake it, say, into an image, like I did for this post, I can share the feeling and perhaps someone will pick up a bit of it that they relate to. Maybe they'll make something of it for themselves. That's how creativity is shared.

I'm wearing and using: vintage romper, no name sneakers, Mid Century Modern Furniture pillow cover by vinpauld - @vpauld54, Totem 2 pillow cover by fossdesign - @fossdesign_uk, Shoe Fetish tee by cassia - @cassiab, Little Town notebook by shizayats - @shizayats.

So, I went for nostalgic images. We went to Bartek's parents' dacha. There aren't many ideas of a place that feel more lost in time. Imagine a tiny plot of land surrounding a miniature wooden house, multiplied by tens or hundreds, found in any town or city in Poland --a sort of leftover from soviet times, and a good leftover at that. You wear sneakers to a dacha, obviously. And a romper because it feels like you're still a kid (we sometimes call them 'puppets' in Polish). Then, printed tees. Then, vintage patterns. There we go, all the nostalgic items I could gather around myself.

Bartek is wearing and using: old jeans, Converse sneakers, Fishes in Geometrics notebook by florentbodart - @florentbodart, Little Town notebook by shizayats - @shizayats, Walking the Shark pencil case by robcreative - @robsnowcreative, Coffee Maker tee by travellingfox - @travellingfoxdesign

All of this just sort of fell into place in my mind once we came for a short break to visit Bartek's parents. I'd already come up with my theme for this year's Back to School right when they contacted me so I was looking for very specific feel while I was browsing the site. But the idea of shooting the photos in this place --that was an afterthought that just popped into my mind at the last minute. It all connects in my mind: the type of time you spend on a dacha. The quiet zone you get in while you read or draw, like Bartek does, the fruit you eat straight off the bush, the old paint peeling off the house and bench, the overgrown garden, the nod to vintage and the nod to childhood styles in our clothes.

We are wearing and using: Retro Telephone Tote Bag by penwork , Music Everywhere by florentbodart - @florentbodart.

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Photos by my Bartek and me.


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