Thieves' den

Sometimes in my search for abandoned spots to shoot photos at, I find myself in places that make my skin crawl. This was very much the case this time, and all on a lovely sunny afternoon, when we went to revisit an tennis field or what was once a gym but got since dismantled and only the floors remained somewhat intact. I've shot here by myself before, about a year ago, but never explored the whole area thoroughly because, well, I was alone, and I even remember a stranger coming and getting lost somewhere among the bushes farther away so I didn't want to pry. This time, though, I was together with Bartek and we decided to walk around the whole place. Among many interesting things, we found mosaic floors of what had to be showers once, and a dandelion field that we stopped at for a moment to take pics. And then there was this weird trail of... stuff. Just, you know, items: hand creams, combs, nail polish bottles, empty wallets... It didn't take me long to put together that this is what you'd find in a woman's purse. Yeah. That's when it got creepy. We followed the trail into a small, half-buried shed and there was more of the stuff there --lots of trash, mostly, but also a couple of old suitcases and handbags. All already deteriorating and damp with rain and dew and overgrown with mold. So, yea, I believe we found a thieves' den, or something much like it. It sure made my skin crawl but I guess you won't be surprised that I also found this kinda exciting. And anyways, the whole place at this time of the year is pretty gorgoeus if you're into the aesthetic of overgrown and wild the way I am.

I'm wearing a vintage top and shorts I made.

Photos by Bartek.

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