Forsythia yellow

Like I said in my previous post, I feel that strong pull of vintage this spring! It means some older pieces that I've hoarded in my wardrobe for a long time are now resurfacing. Bring on all the fit and flare dresses! Perhaps some pencil dresses will accompany them as well? That would certainly be a new approach to dressing myself.

Now, I'm not really sure I fully like this look. Don't get me wrong, the forsythias made for a magnificent backdrop and the photos turned out sweet, if I say so myself, but the outfit, while in theory it should work, I feel is lacking something severely. Perhaps if my hair was longer, I'd be able to pull this off in a way that would suit my tastes better... I'm no Audrey Hepburn though! Her iconic short haircut worked wonderfully when put together with the ultra-feminine clothes of the 1950s that she wore in her movies. It added a very personal quirk and spice to her presence, something ultimately genuine that made us all see her as a woman, not just a character in a movie. Personally, I've recently been feeling that, unlike Audrey, I'm not benefitting from my pixie right now. I think there's a certain harmony that I seek to find in all of this 'dressing oneself' thing. As long as I was bent on dressing less like a mature and full fledged woman and more like a slightly genderless, funky youth, the pixie worked perfectly. Now though, with my more feminine take on clothes, I feel there's a gap between my body and clothes AND my hair. It's not all a match and a harmony that I like to see. How interesting it is to watch and observe this transition!

On a side note, though, I'm not taking all of this too seriously and I'm just enjoying my clothes the way they are and the way I am in them. And while I at times dream I could just snap my fingers and have my hair turn into a short curly bob a'la Marilyn Monroe, I know that's just months away! I just need to be a little more patient.



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