How to get away with trespassing

I do a couple of weird things to get photos for the blog (I do them for personal kicks, in the first place, of course!). I explore abandoned houses and go into places where it's sometimes forbidden to go. It's always such a thrill to explore an unknown and mysterious area where you don't know what hides behind the corner... I got a taste for it in my adolescence when together with a couple of friends we were exploring post-war forts in a couple of cities --it was such an adrenaline rush and such a real adventure feeling that I got hooked instantly. I now think not knowing if it's actually legal to be there adds to the thrill. Because how do you get away with trespassing?

Truth is, after all these years of doing it, I still really don't know. I guess I've been lucky so far and never got caught. There was that one situation when a guard came to see what we were doing and he was a bit grumpy but ultimately just told us it was ok to take photos if we did not touch anything. Other than that, the best strategy I've had was making sure there are no "no entry" signs because that actually means I'm *not* trespassing. It's really the best thing to do, come to think of it, because, duh, trespassing is illegal and you could pay a hefty fine. But if you're like me and you just *must* go and see&experience something, I think it's less risky to go during a non-working day (kinda obvious). And of course it pays to keep your guard up at all times. It's fun to poke around but the fun could get seriously diminished if you were to pay a hefty fine!

I'm wearing a skirt I made from a self-drafted pattern, Locher's tee, vintage sweater, old flats and jacket (more).

We were lucky this time again (we'd already taken photos around here a couple of years ago) and walked a bit between these train cars. It's not really ok to be here normally but we visited during a holiday and I don't think anyone was around to pay attention. Anyway, kids, don't do this! Or if you do, then be aware that you may have to pay a fine or deal with authorities. Always make sure to first judge for yourselves if the fun outweighs the potential penalties.

I'm wearing a skirt I made from a self-drafted pattern, Locher's tee, vintage sweater, old flats and jacket (more).

Photos by Bartek.



  1. If you ever get injured while trespassing (posted or not!), will your first stop after the doctor or hospital will be the lawyer? Just because it's not posted doesn't mean it's not trespassing. Often signs mean the owner had their fill of people who don't respect property lines. If you want to explore properly, get the owner's permission!

    1. It's nice that you are concerned but no need to worry, I can take care of myself :).