Sailing through the winter

I made this tiny houndstooth skirt in autumn last year and I've been wearing it all the time. It goes with everything, really, be it a sweater, a blouse or a top, in any colour as well. It's the simplest piece ever, just a trapeze shaped skirt, four panels (constructing a panelled skirt to your measurements is the easiest thing under the sun), a small patch pocket and that's that. Easy to whip up in two hours or so. Also takes little fabric so that's good. I look forward to wearing it in spring as well, maybe with a crop top --maybe not in summer, though, because I'm pretty sure the fabric is polyester so not suitable for warm temperatures. It's good to have a versatile piece like that. I usually go for something more specific with my sewing and then have less occasions to wear it. And that's cool, too, but sometimes a little simpler piece goes a long way.

Btw., this bicycle has been chained to this place for many years now. I wonder who owned it and why they left it here! It makes for a pretty picturesque detail, am I right?

skirt I made, sweater c/o Romwe, Wanderlust pin, old shoes and scarf, bag, old beret (more colorful berets), vintage coat

I have long dreamed of owning a blouse or a sweater with a sailor collar... probably ever since I've first watched Sailor Moon, you know? The idea is just so cute. I jumped at an occasion to get this one from Romwe --that's usually how my partnerships go for the blog, if you've ever wondered about that. They contact me and ask me to pick a piece from their site that I like, and then I browse it for hours (there's sooo many items to choose from, so...) and go for the thing I know I'll cherish. I'd never order anything I would feel doesn't complete my style. Truth be told, if they had a navy blue one, that would fully be a dream come true but this baby blue version is really sweet too. And warm as well! I'll probably change the buttons to something less plastic-looking at one point in time, but other than that I'm really happy with it. It's roomy and comfortable and sometimes I just can't be bothered to wear things that are fitted, even if I know that they suit me better. That's when pieces like this one come in handy --and they look cute to boot!

I'm wearing a skirt I made, sweater c/o Romwe, Wanderlust pin, old shoes and scarf, bag, beret (more colorful berets), vintage coat.

Photos by Bartek.


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