Outfit idea: Valentine's Day 2018

Those of you who read this blog know that I'm generally not big on holidays. There's one exception to this trend, though, and it's the Valentine's Day. I've had my ups and downs with this holiday. One year I'd condemn it and say it's purely commercial and then another year I'd praise it as an opportunity to talk about feelings more openly. In the end (or, more accurately: right now), I just think it's a fun day to have and a perfect excuse to spend the day just the way you like. Maybe you want to be together with your love and have a romantic dinner; or maybe you'd rather meet up with a bunch of friends and drink yourselves silly; or maybe you just want to be left alone, to have a good cry and then a good laugh and sleep. And also a million other ways that there are to celebrate or *not* celebrate it.

Anyway, no matter what you do, I believe it's always fun to dress up when an occasion strikes. And so, this is my idea of a Valentine's Day outfit for this year. Slightly girly but elegant with the embroidered midi skirt and a bowknot blouse. Some much-needed details include a cute lapel pin (pro tip: pin it to your collar!) with a hand holding a strawberry with a tiny heart in the middle. Also a small heart on the satchel (these come in different colours), again nothing overwhelming, just a hint... But this outfit is practical, too! It's the middle of February after all, so don't forget to warm your legs with 100 denier tights (the higher the denier number, the thicker the thights). Also I believe in always wearing comfortable shoes and these purple velvet flats fit the bill very nicely.

Zaful, my sponsor for this post, let me know they're having a little bit of a Valentines Day sale, so head to their site and check what pretty things you can find for yourselves! P.S. The beautiful blouse and skirt featured in this post? Found them there.



  1. i am in love with the satchel bag!!

  2. Hey Great outfit idea on valentine day. My daughter will love it.