My favorite outfits from 2017

No blogger can ever do without a wrap-up of a previous year, I guess, and I've recently found myself going through my old posts and finding that I liked some a lot. Many of them include clothes that I made myself --in fact it's only been in the last part of the year that I've worn less me-made pieces somehow. I'm back on track with the beginning of the year, though. Without further ado, here are some of my faves from 2017.

This dress brings a smile to my face. It was the first piece that I made from scratch, after attending a clothing construction course early last year. I now know that the design wasn't fully correct --you just learn and grow this way. Luckily, it can be easily corrected and next time I sew up this pattern, I'll just improve it. I still love this particular dress!

I'd repeat this outfit in a blink of an eye. This vintage skirt is a find from a few years back, I've even remixed it before. I love it to bits and I know it will serve me for many more years.

Another piece I constructed after my course is this thick wool skirt from this post. It's such a versatile piece I've been wearing it a lot this last year. I currently need it in a larger size, actually! Might be time to indulge myself and make another version of it.

Another oldie --this skirt I made when I first started sewing a couple of years back. This time, I paired it with a top that I dyed to achieve this nice heather color. I feel like I've been drawn to simpler sets this year.

I was so happy to wear this outfit! I remember how it made me feel very 'me'. Simplicity with a slight twist (the shoes!) and a touch of vintage --the sweater and blouse were a lucky find, I'm dating them back to 1970s.

I rarely wear all black but this outfit felt really good to wear. I don't usually steer towards this kind of 'dark' or 'edgy' style but now that I came back to see these photos, I keep thinking maybe I should try it more?

While this isn't my regular silhouette, this dress and cardigan were so comfortable to wear! And I loved the autumn colours. This all made for a very cozy vibe.

If I was to pick just one favorite outfit from the whole year, this would be it. It feels very put together and feminine but not overly sugary. A nice balance --something I'd like to repeat again and again now that I'm well set in my 30s.

Which one of these did you like best? What do you think about changing your style together with your age?



  1. I love that there's so many items you've sewn featured! You're always such a great style and sewing inspiration

  2. You are one of my favourite style inspirations- your mix of layering and simplicity is always so refreshing to me. I loved all of these outfits! :)

  3. Your style is such an inspiration! Where do you find such cute accessories?