Outfit: Learning curve

a skirt I made, sweater, thrifted blouse, pin from Portugal, vintage backpack

So I wasn't going to upload these photos. I took a look at them when we came back from the shoot and I just disliked them --that happened for the first time in a long while. I saw this boy wearing a too-large (as opposed to oversize) sweater and a cute girly skirt and was put off. Something didn't work here, something was clearly out of balance. I don't like disharmony about my looks. I never strive for perfection but I like to feel balanced by my clothes. And here, there was a bit too much of everything going on at the same time. Too much yang (or the masculine) overpowered the yin (the feminine), which in turn made yin look weird and out of place.

A couple days have passed and, you know, I think it's ok to show these pictures. The show a sort of a learning curve. My hair is different and I have glasses now that are going to make appearance from time to time. I need to adjust my style according to those new variables. It can be a bit hit and miss for a while and I'm letting it.

On a side note: I want to talk more about that yin and yang balance thing... I got inspired by reading a lot about theory of style and I would like to share some of what I've learned with you and talk about how I'm applying it to dressing myself. So keep your eyes peeled for a post describing the very concept of balance and imbalance --and also dissecting this outfit mercilessly to show you what exactly is wrong with it!

Wearing a skirt I made, sweater, thrifted blouse, pin from Portugal, vintage backpack.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Hair: Going even shorter

At the beginning of the year, I cut my shoulder length curly hair short. I kept it a medium length pixie for three months as I was getting used to the feeling of having less hair. I liked it. I liked it enough to get curious if I could pull off an even shorter cut. So, I've recently gone even shorter.

I love it! 

It's almost weird how familiar this short pixie feels. It's a bit like I've peeled off all the unnecessary layers. I look in the mirror and I see me. I take photos and it's me in them. Not my hair, not my insecurities (well, those too, but kinda more integrated)

Thinking back, I feel that when I was wearing my hair long, there had always been this urge to hide in them: to cover my face so that I won't have to show the parts that I am insecure about: my chin, my cheeks, my under eye hollows. With a pixie cut I can't hide anything. And you know what? I like that. It's liberating. It's like telling the whole world: 'well, this is me, this is what I look like and you just have to deal with it.' Not that the world cares, obviously. I do. And, surprise, surprise!, it appears I actually can deal with it.

How did I know it would work? I didn't. In fact, I remember telling a friend that I'm prepared for a total fiasco and that I would have to wear a hat at all times until my hair grew out. But now that the hair's snipped, I have the courage to face my insecurities and I think I am confronting them. And kinda winning at this game. This is fun. Seriously.

A lot of women find confidence in their long hair. It makes them appear feminine and beautiful. I looked for that courage in my long curls as well. I loved my curls, in fact! I was quite proud of them being so springy and long and shiny on a good day and perhaps sometimes even glamorous. At the same time, I feel like right now the pixie is more about me and less about just hair --and I like that

No matter the length and the reason behind growing or cutting it, I think it's really amazing how changing our hair changes not just our appearance but also our approach towards ourselves.

How does your hair work for you? 
What is your favorite length to give you that boost of confidence?
Have changes to your hair ever brought on changes in your life?


Outfit idea: Spring with Shein

It's officially spring now and I couldn't be happier about it! Still waiting for the least bit of colour around here though... So I am wearing as much colour as I can! Hence, when shein asked me to make this spring inspiration post, I thought I'd look for pieces that were fun but also easy to match with any colorful ideas you might have. In other words, I went for monochrome this time around! Well, mostly anyway.

Grey marbled jacket, Black biker jacket
Let's start off with outerwear. As the temperatures rise, we can finally ditch the coats and replace them wih lighter jackets. I was wondering about a letterman jacket of my own as it's a style I've never worn in the past and I like this marbled number so I might give it a try. And a biker jacket is just a staple in any wardrobe. I love mine so much!

Ice Cream cone jumper, Flower high-low sweater
Couldn't resist some fun colourful bits of course! Isn't the furry ice cream cone just too cute? I also like the little daisy with a petal falling off, as if someone was doing the age old divining of "he loves me, heloves me not..." Wear those with your skinny jeans or with a skirt fitted throught the hips. If you're really tiny, wear it with a flared skirt for extra cuteness factor!

Last but not least, sweaters! This lovely Fair Isle-like pattern is something to keep in your wardrobe forever. And the grey cable knit is super soft and warm and cozy --I can attest to that as I have it in yellow, as seen here and here. I hope soon I will be able to wear it instead of all the other outerwear.

Check out the Shein Spring Break sale --they have nice offers and there are some lovely choices to be made! Just please remember to shop reasonably. Get what you need and really like and not something trendy that you won't get any wear out of.


Outfit: Vernal Equinox

thrifted jeans, sweater, vintage backpack and boots and belt

I certainly wish today was as warm and sunny as the day these photos were taken. But Spring is now here (it's Vernal Equinox today) so I'm happy anyway! Can you feel the freshness in the air? Though it might be chilly and cloudy, I can hear the birds singing their hearts out just like I would. Even the rain is pleasant. I got soaked a few days back, caught in the rain, but it was the gentlest soak and the most caring rain --spring rain! Not the hateful and eternally sad rain of November, but the sweet and tender rain of March. I can almost smell the flowers waiting to bloom. Forsythias are going to explode any moment and I can't wait to see that vibrant yellow colour --I think it's the first one to show up around these parts.

What's the first thing to bloom around you?

Wearing thrifted jeans, sweater, vintage backpack and boots and belt.
Photos by my boyfriend.


Sewing: Another Late For Tea dress

I love it when my Late For Tea dresses travel! This one is going to France, to lovely Marie. Thank you for your commission, dear! It was a pleasure to work with the fabric you chose. Lovely shades of green and blue on this wool. I still have enough left to make one dress (or a skirt perhaps, if that was someone's inclination?), so if you like this fabric as much as Marie and I do, drop me a note! Marie asked for a longer length than I originally designed and I was happy to oblige. When you commission a dress, we can easily settle all the details, like changes in length and size etc.

There are other fabrics available as well and you can see them here.

Read all the details about the Late For Tea dress --sizing, pricing etc. --in this post.


Outfit: Amanita hide

a skirt I made, sweater, old beret and coat, vintage belt and bag, Clark's flats, blouse c/o Shein
Absolutely loving this amanita jumper! I'm secretly a mushroom fiend, an avid mushroom hunter, I could spend hour and days and weeks hidden in the forest, searching for these beautiful critters. The edible ones, obviously. I don't really need to eat them, even though I find them very tasty --just the thrill of the hunt does it for me. At a risk of sounding weird here, aren't mushrooms really pretty? Such harmonious shape and smell and texture... There are few prettier than an amanita tho. I'm liking the heart-shaped spot on my jumper, so cute!

Wearing: a skirt I made, sweater, old beret and coat, vintage belt and bag, Clark's flats, blouse c/o Shein.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit: My women's day

a blouse I made, loafers, thrifted cardigan, vintage skirt and belt and brooch, Mystical Cat pin, portrait pin, old bag,

This Women's Day I saw many people talk about strength and fighting. I know the socio-political situation is what it is nowadays and all the calls to arms most probably stem from it. I don't, however, believe in fighting. This may someday turn out to have been the wrong choice and a wrong idea, I don't know. I admire those who feel the power and want to fight the fight but I am not like them. I wish they didn't judge me.

And so, from the deepest bottom of my heart, I wish everyone to be gentle: towards themselves and towards others. Not yesterday, but everyday. I won't tell you that only kindness can change the world because I don't believe it. I don't honestly think anything can change the world. It just rolls on on its way and we are quite meaningless to it. But on a daily basis, in this smaller scale of things, gentleness and kindness are powerful tools to make our lives simply more bareable if not throroughly enjoyable.

I have suffered through bullying for the first half of my life. It came entirely from girls and women. Yes, I was teased by boys. But I was bullied by women and girls. I went on oblivious and naive, I couldn't even acknowledge bad things were happening to me. I thought this was how it was supposed to go and I didn't know I had any choice or anyone to turn to. I wish I didn't have to go through it. I wish other kids didn't have to. I wish other people --other women --would be more understanding. More gentle.

I have some amazing women in my life now. It took many years to find them and to be able to trust them. It surprises me that I still keep finding them. Some of them fight the fight and others keep to themselves like I do. They are artists, wives, scientists, activists, mothers, doctors, daughters, explorers, students --but most of all they are kind people. They are good to others.

Some of them do stuff you should look at. They make me proud to know them. Check them out.

Justyna and Ania are activists.
Hania makes art dolls.
Agata is a make up artist.
Rebecca is a fashion blogger.
Melinda makes jewellery.
Karolina is a designer.
Jagna trains dogs.

Kasia, Zosia, Ada, Mirka, Ela and all the others --you know who you are to me.

Wearing a blouse I made, loafers, thrifted cardigan, vintage skirt and belt and brooch, Mystical Cat pin, portrait pin, old bag.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit inspiration: Natural blues

There are times when I miss my mountains so much it grips at my heart and the only thing that soothes this longing is looking through photographs taken there. From this love of my own little place on earth this outfit was created, colored in the shades of the forests and the sky and the soil. I'm always feeling a bit locked in a cage like a small bird when I am away. Perhaps there is only one place where I can truly feel free. I channel it through my clothes from time to time, to remember the freedom of the rolling hills and the calm of the mountain forests.


Outfit: In the swamps

skirt I made, thrifted sweater, jacket c/o Shein, bad (sold out, different colour), old boots, vintage belt, locally bought beret

Last time I've been to this place, it was all covered with ice and snow. I promised myself I'd come back for a photoshoot and so I did. Only this time --well, you can see for yourselves. The thaw has begun and everything is now submerged under water. The boars are living on this territory and in many past summers I used to get chased away from this area when they were breeding and caring for their young. So far, though, it looks safe to be around and explore the mysterious place. In some of the photos I am standing on a wall that once divided the area in two. I have no idea what it was that needed separating. For as long as I remember --and I've been living in the vicinity ever since I was born --here were the wildlands: the swamps and the fallow lands where I would come to hide amongst the trees and bushes. I would sometimes find an abandoned shack or another artifact of times past, much like this wall, that only stirred up my imagination when no sensible explanations came to mind. I still come for the same thrill and for the same weird calm that I can always find here.

Wearing a skirt I made, thrifted sweater, jacket c/o Shein, bad (sold out, different colour), old boots, locally bought beret.

All photos by myself.


Outfit: Oldie but goldie

thrifted dress and cardigan and bag, necklace, old oxfords and scarf, faux leather jacket, vintage belt

This dress has been one of my favorites ever since I bought it a few years ago at a thrift store. It's always been a bit on the large side for me but it's comfy, lightweight, printed and teal which are basically all the things that I like in a piece of clothing. I wear it a lot and I'm sure it appeared on the blog again after this remix post. When I was choosing an outfit today and asked myself: what is it that I want to wear?, this dress popped into my mind. It's even looser on me right now but I don't mind.

I'm also thriving on spring and inhaling it deep into my lungs and my whole being. Even in all my typical inner turmoil, I can see that good things are all around and more are surely coming. I want to sing and share my smiles with everyone. I hope spring makes you, too, as happy as a lark.

Wearing a thrifted dress and cardigan and bag, necklace, old oxfords and scarf, faux leather jacket, vintage belt

All photos by myself.