Outfit: Yellow and red

While this year's autumn may not be the warmest I've lived through, I'm enjoying it immensly. It's only now that the leaves have turned all yellow and red and everything looks so spectacular! I've not had many free moments recently but whenever I can, I make sure to head for the woods to take a walk and take in the views. Sure, sometimes I only get a free moment in the afternoon, after it gets dark! Especially that it's already night here around 4 p.m. Still, there's something in the air in the evenings that makes me want to just go into the night and wander, and the more my path is unlit, the better...

blouse c/o Romwe, vintage coat, old skirtm and beret, flats (also here)

Did you know that a combination of red and yellow is supposed to make you hungry? Well, It might work on me since I did get suspiciously peckish while working on these photos! That said, I try to eat seasonally and autumn is a wonderful time for that because I'm a real fruit fiend --give me all the kinds of apples, the plums and pears, even pumpkin can be so tasty... I also somehow always end up dressing seasonally in the way that I like to wear warmest of shades in autumn. Yellows and reds and oranges are never as plentiful in my wardrobe as this season. The mustard colored blouse I'm wearing here is just perfect for the season and blending in with the leaves. And I really just couldn't not wear it with my tomato red vintage coat. Gosh, with me mentioning all the food-related colors, you'd think I'm really hungry today! I still blame the photos.

I'm wearing a blouse c/o Romwe, vintage coat, old skirtm and beret, flats (also here).

Photos by Bartek.



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    1. Dzięki, bardzo się cieszę, że Ci się podoba :).

  2. shoeeeeeees <3
    love it all but mostly SHOES!!!!

    1. Oh yes, those shoes were on my mind ever since I saw them about two months ago and I finally caved and bought them :D.

  3. Looking so pretty in this red coat. Very nice dresses.

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