Outfit: Wearing mushrooms

As much as I don't wear a lot of jewellery, I do have a soft spot for brooches. If you pin them to your blouse close to the neckline, they are such a nice way of drawing the attention to the face. So naturally, I couldn't be more happy with the enamel pin trend rolling in within the past two years or so. Pins are a lot like brooches and that basically means more of the good thing for me. You can pin them symmetrically, as I did with my mushroom pins today, or move them to one side, like you would a brooch. They look awesome as a group too! I wore a couple of my pins like that here and played mix and match with traditional brooches here.

I am thrilled to show you the pins I got from NorthernSpells. I came upon them when I was looking for adventure- and forest-related pins on etsy, as I sometimes do, which shouldn't be surprising, really, and when I saw her mushroom pins, I knew they were the most perfect ones I've ever seen. The art is just so beautiful! They have more of a print feel rather than a cartoon --they are just so beautifully quirky and sophisticated at the same time. The amanita that you can see up close further down is just like I would imagine an amanita were I ever to try and draw one. Our camera battery died during the shoot and we didn't get a close up of the ink cap, so take a closer look at it here. It's equally stunning.

When it comes to pins, I especially like the crisp lines that they are always designed with. It looks a bit like a linocut or woodcut --techniques I adore. That has to do with the process of making them: the metal design is cast with small hollows where the different colored enamel is painted in. The contours in the design serve as a means of separating different colours from each other. Each pin is hand-painted by a skillful artisan!

Also stay tuned for an Instagram giveaway that Trine from NorthernSpells and I are making for you! I'll let you know in my next post when it rolls out.

I'm wearing amanita pin and ink cap pin c/o NorthernSpells, a sweater my granny knitted, old biker jacket and purse and beret, vintage boots, dress c/o Rosegal.

Photos by Bartek.



  1. I've got a similar red dress which I've been struggling to think of ways to style! You've inspired me, I want to try out it out with a white sweater now, thank you.