Outfit: My Gift Guide for Adventure Lovers

I've teamed up with RedBubble to share with you an idea for an exquisite way to find gifts for your loved ones. For this post, I thought it would be great to take photos together with Bartek, my fiancee, as he actually wears their tees even more than I do! I always make sure to get some for him when I shop.

Klara's Gift Guide for Adventure Lovers

Since the gifting season is upon us, I put together a Gift Guide for Adventure Lovers --a selection of beautiful pieces that I've found and loved and actually also ordered for us and our home, to make it feel, well, as much our space as possible. As you well know, we are both nature lovers and spending time outside, looking for adventures in the wild is one of our favorite things in the world. So, naturally, our home is filled with trinkets from our outings: found bird nests, pinecones, pebbles and seashells lay gathered on the shelves, dried wildflowers hang on our walls and we shuffle through real-life albums with photos from our trips frequently. Then there are the vintage pieces that I love finding at flea markets and in old attics... If you've been reading this blog for a while, chances are you share this preferred aesthetic with us!

I picked just the pieces to fit this slightly whimsical, homey vibe to share with you so you can quickly grab them if you have little time to do your own searches. These forest-themed mugs are such a perfect fit for autumn --a season I wish I could eternally live in! And how great is the beautiful moon and mushrooms notebook? My hands itch to fill it with drawings from nature. I got it blank especially so that we can both draw in it --I'm not sure I mentioned it before but Bartek is a visual artist as well. He actually drew the fox on the tank top for me a couple of years back and I've wanted to have it on a tee ever since... well, now I do! Thanks, RedBubble.

Elena O'Neill, Forest Moon journal by Laorel, Autumn Fox tank by Bartek (he drew this one for me a couple years back!), Into The Woods tee by LordOfMasks, The Untold Creature sticker by Godzillarge, Cedar Tree sticker by Chrystakay. All items c/o RedBubble.

Check out other RedBubble gift guides here: rdbl.co/arobotheart! There are selections of perfect items for kids and teens, mums and dads, under $25 and... ugly Christmas sweaters (that must be my fave guide, so many gems!). 

And now take a peek at some of the RedBubble pieces that we loved -- styled in action! (Also scroll to the end of the post for a nice discount code for your purchases!)

I wrote about it at length before but let me say it again: I love the idea of RedBubble. It works like this: artists open a Redbubble shop and upload designs (you an artist? Sign up!). You find a design you love on a product you want. Artists get paid and you get something sweet. It's basically the best of both worlds. You get an original piece, made up in anything you want (a poster, a bed cover, a wall clock or, obviously, a tee --and that's just a couple of many options!) and an artist gets appreciated. As an artist/artisan I know how important it is to us creative bunch to see our art loved by others. So if I can support an independent artist and also get a piece of lovely design, RedBubble is the perfect place for me to go looking for just that.

Oh, and one last treat! RedBubble provided a promo code: arobotheart-15 just for you to use and receive 15% off your entire Redbubble order, good till December 22nd. So go and search for things you like --or just go for the pieces I dug up for you and save your time!

I'm wearing a tee by Tess Smith-Robers c/o RedBubble, vintage skirt. Bartek is wearing a tee by tanaudel c/o RedBubble. The Camping Bear throw pillow is by milkhoneystudio c/o Redbubble.

We took the photos together.



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    1. Hej! Bardzo mi miło, że zajrzałaś do mnie :). Muszę Ci powiedzieć, że mnie zaskoczyłaś, bo nie pamiętam w ogóle, żebym zakładała profil na papavero! Ale może po prostu zapomniałam. Poszukam i dam Ci znać, jeśli znajdę :).

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