Remix: How to wear a bottle green pencil skirt

Outfit: An Excited Sort of Beetle

It's weird that I don't wear more pencil skirts because this one is in my top three favorite skirts ever. I've had it since even before writing this blog --it was a thrift find and it went through a lot with me. It used to be straight in shape but I didn't like that so once I figured out how to use a sewing machine, I decided to turn it into a pencil skirt by sewing the sides together at an angle. I actually did a very poor job at that and after a while, the hem started to ripple and look frumpy. It took me a while to convince myself that it was ok to shorten it in order to fix that problem, but once I did, It occured to me that it didn't only look better on its own, it also looked better on me! Again, photos proved to me that whenever I go for shorter lengths rather than longer ones, I look more like myself. Still, even being short, the skirt remains pretty elegant. Its shade of green and the fact that it's made out of nicely soft wool with slight nap make it so much different from the official pencil skirts that I cant's help but associate with office or corporate uniforms that instill great dread in me. I should find a similar type of fabric and make a similar skirt to switch between.

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  1. Cześć,
    Zdecydowanie pasuje do Ciebie ten kolor! Masz przepiękne włosy i zielony świetnie je podkreśla.
    Racja - dłuższe spódnice bardziej Ci pasują - takie ciut za kolano.