Outfit idea: Styling basics to look interesting for fall

You know I'm not one for basic pieces. To be honest, I feel a bit stumped each time I try to style myself without using prints, embroideries and other kinds of embellishments. On the one hand, there's no need to force myself, on the other... that calls for a challenge!

So, how about styling the most basic thing that I thought would give me a headache if I indeed tried to wear it: a tee dress. These come in a variety of colors. My line of thinking was to add other pieces that came in a variety of colors: a beret, a scarf, a biker jacket, a simple purse. This warm-toned set would look good on me since I'm pretty warm and deep in my coloring, but you could easily re-create it to suit yours if you are cooler or lighter. From the pieces I picked, you could, for example, take the dress in green and the scarf in pink and the beret in grey to go with cool toned skin and blonde hair. I bet a navy blue dress and a green scarf would look great with black hair and pale skin.

Admittedly, I couldn't help myself and added some pieces that did have some sort of decoration --the tights and the beret. But, naturally, you could replace those with ones without any prints all too easily! You do you!