Outfit idea: Come with me to the masked ball

I hear Halloween is coming! Although there is no local tradition of celebrating it in Poland, the Western or, Anglo-Saxon tradition sure reaches us here! While we usually don't treat it as seriously as people located more to the west of here, we do like to dress up and every reason is good to have a party! So, in line with our Polish take on the new tradition --or, rather my take on it --here's an outfit fit for a slightly Halloween-themed ball. A very masked ball! Halloween is all about a masquerade after all, isn't it?

I like to match my accessories by theme and finding all these mask-related pieces was so much fun! Add a glittery dress and here you go. A sort of understated-but-not outfit for a party when you don't want to be too literal about your Halloween inspiratinos. Gosh, I'd wear the hell out of this one!

If you prefer to be less opaque when celebrating your Halloween, why not check out the pieces you can find here (and on sale too!)? There are lots of pumpkin- and ghost- and zombie-themed clothes in there that will make you feel festive! Also you can enter a contest here to win a $100 voucher for your shopping spree on Rosegal. Give yourself a chance!


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