Outfit: After the season

The definite plus of going on vacation after the season is watching as the life goes on in the small resort towns --without crowds of noisy tourists and streets crammed with souvenir stands. The day we took these photos, this campsite was already closing down and we observed as the workers pulled trolleys filled with tv sets (rather funny sight) gathered from the cabins and later on, they covered with foil all the benches, including the one I'm sitting on in one of the later pictures, to preserve them during the cold months. I like watching as life slows down like that, as if going underground.

(I was so happy when we spied this swing! It's exactly like those I used to play on when I was a kid. I couldn't resist trying to swing again, like all those years ago, but as you can see, I outgrew this particular one.)

Btw, I made this dress a year ago and wore it in the autumn and winter but kinda forgot about it during the spring and summer so I was really happy to discover it again in my closet, hidden under another one on the rack. This plaid flannel is the coziest and nicest thing to wear. I feel I may spend more time in this dress this year than I did the last.

I'm wearing a dress I made out of self drafted pattern, old oxfords, tote, thrifted cardigan, Wanderlust pin by KWT Designs, available here.

Photos by Bartek.


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