Custom sewing: Hania's wedding dress

I like my brides a little crazy, just like I like my friends. So when Hania, a good friend, asked me if it would be possible to sew her a wedding dress about a week before the wedding, I was happy to take on the challenge. Especially that I knew that an artistic type like Hania would go for anything but traditional. And so, this dress was born: a two piece set, consisting of a pencil skirt and a crop top, made in batik fabric that Hania picked from my vast stash. I thrifted this one a few years back in a small town in Poland... weird place to find original batik, isn't it?

(Btw, spot me in the first photo! Hint: I've got blue hair. Wearing a lovely printed wool crepe dress I made last year and never showed on the blog somehow!)

We borrowed the design from the early 1960s and I did all the pattern drafting to Hania's precisely taken measurements. To say the dress fits like a glove would not be an overstatement. I'm a hard person to impress, especially with my own work, but when I saw Hania try on the skirt, I literally got goosebums (that happens to me when I experience sheer beauty, is it a thing?).

As a bonus, here's my crazy beautiful and crazy crazy Hania with a pan. I love you, my sister.

By the way, check out Hania's incredible talent she shares with the world at Tarantoga Art Dolls.

Hania is wearing a bespoke dress I made from thrifted fabric.
Frist photo taken by Piotr Pytel.
Photos from the shoot taken by Konrad Werkowicz (aka the groom).
I took the other photos.



  1. I don't know how I've just stumbled upon this post now, but FINALLY!
    So strange still to see a batik dress on a foreigner—for a wedding, no less—but Hania looks so gorgeous!
    I love how casual a wedding celebration seems to be in the West. Out here it's just so, so traditional and fussy, to say the least.
    Please pass my congratulations and compliments to the bride ;)

    Alive as Always

  2. As an Indonesian, it is nice to see Batik have traveled to Poland, even became a wedding attire! And of course I love it that she chose such bright color. Really suit her.