Remix: Olive blazer

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Such a lot of time has passed since I've last done a remix post! I need to make more of these posts in the future because there are some pieces that I wear over and over and show them on this blog very often. This blazer is the case more in reality than over here on the blog though. I wear it often enough to have it on my rack in the hall all year long but it goes better with trousers and since I seldom show outfits with jeans, it rarely makes it to the blog. It's a beauty though. Well made with a lining printed to match the outer fabric which is wool blend and beautiful tweed weave. It's also a thrift find! One of my favorite ones at that. I should probably show you how I wear it very casually with jeans. It's a good incentive to make this blog more relatable style-wise, I guess. Would you be interested in seeing less elaborate style here?



  1. I think more relaxed, and "less elaborate" styles would be great for the blog! Perhaps not too often as to over saturate it with those pictures, but it would be good for the odd spectator that wonders why they can't be as cute as you all the time! Reality is, no one is that dressed up every day. It's only natural we only put the cutest of pictures online!

  2. I would definitely be interested in seeing less elaborate styles (because, lets be honest, even your less elaborate styles are full of whimsy!)

    I adore this blazer. It's simple, but it doesn't fade into the background.

    You mention it doesn't make it to the blog often! I also have a piece of clothing like that. My green pom pom skirt. I wear it all the time, but somehow I've only photographed it a couple of times. Oh well, worse things have happened :P