Outfit: Low key

Maybe it's the upcoming vacations or maybe the weather turning on us, or , whatever, really, but I've felt like I need to slow down --and I mean it about everything in my life, blogging included. On this blog, I've been pushing myself to make the most beautiful posts, to take the prettiest photos and develop them so that they look super attractive. I think somewhere along the way I lost something of myself in the process. Like, my blog doesn't even bring me money so why should I care about followers and numbers and try my hardest to attract new people? Huh. I guess it can get to you, when you're doing something for a long time, and you live in an environment where numbers are crucial for some reason... But I digress. I was just thinking that I want to go back to being a small, low key blogger. Not that I think I'm big, no. But I feel like I'd been blogging in hiding for a long time before I ventured outside. Then, for the past year, I've been curious and brave and opened up to collaborations with a handful of brands and it was pretty fun. It also turned out to be hard. Like I said, I'm serious about the things that I do. While I enjoyed putting together each and every outfit for this blog, sponsored or not, I never noticed when I went kind of far away from my personal style of photography --something that's really important to me. I want to go back to an aesthetic that I enjoy. I don't want to think about engagement and clicks and all, it's not that important after all... So yeah, here's a post that feels more fully me. Slightly subdued colors, nothing too vivid, my old, simple styling tricks and a bit of a cross processed look. I like this.

I'm wearing a dress I made from vintage velvet and pattern (same as here and here), vintage oxfords and scarf, thrifted purse, old jacket.

Photos by Bartek.



  1. Świetne zdjęcia :)) pozdrawiam serdecznie :) woman-with-class.blogspot.com

  2. I agree so much with you! In the whirlwind of figuring out what content your audience likes the best, how many times a post has been seen, we lose ourselves and probably the real reason why we started blogging. I'm far from being big in the blogosphere, but often times people tell me I'd get more people to subscbribe to my blog if I wrote about, dunno, "5 bikini styles for this summer", only I'm not exactly passionate about the topic :/

    I love tha tdress btw *-*.


  3. This post speaks to me. I've actually been thinking about this sort of thing quite a bit, particularly aimed at instagram. I hate how much I obsess over my follower count, but it happens. Instagram for me is also a particularly ferocious measurement of my competence as a blogger as I can't seem to "maintain a solid follower count"

    Anyway, I have adored all your posts so far this year. I'm glad you're going to be more authentically you with blogging.