Outfit: In the garden

In Poland, we have garden plots. They are large pieces of land in the cities and towns, where people can own a plot they can use in whatever way they desire: usually they create small orchards and vegetable gardens and such. It's a beautiful way for every owner to be close to nature in the city and to grow their own produce or flowers. They put tiny houses on their plots, much like the one I'm sitting by, and they cultivate... well, stuff. Bartek's parents' one is filled with pears and roses and zucchinis and apple trees and strawberries and some decorative flowers. It was my first time there and I honestly loved it! I was wondering if there garden plots like this in other countries... or is it a Polish/post-soviet thing?

I'm wearing a found sweater, dress (sold out), old oxford flats, 'Be brave' pin, denim jacket. thrifted vintage backpack.

I'm wearing a found sweater, dress (sold out), old oxford flats, 'Be brave' pindenim jacket. thrifted vintage backpack.

Photos by Bartek.



  1. Allotments are just about EVERYWHERE. Really! In the Uk the people I know that have an allotments grow some basic things - popatoes, onions, cabbages, leeks and flowers. Sometimes only flowers! But the best allotments I have ever seen were in...Sweden. More holiday homes than working allotments. Sooo well loked after. In the UK an awful lot of allotments are just, as you described, just plots of land with flower beds and veg. no hut or any other building. maybe a little rickety greenhouse, but not much else. The Swedish ones were truly manicured, had power and the little houses were exquisite! But I do like Polish allotments..so much grows on such a small patch of land. Love the vines on you in-laws' allotment!

    No more "special effect" hair???

  2. Ha, I really thought that it was a post-Soviet thing only (I spent great part of my childhood weekends with my grandparents in a tiny urban allotment garden in Riga, Latvia)... The commenter above just widened my horizons alright!