Outfit: I know we'll meet beyond the shore

And so, we're here, by the sea. September vacations are always my favorite: the laziness and calm of this part of the year are always so soothing to me. The summer holidays' end means the kids are already back in school and all the busy seaside resorts get quiet and grow suddenly vast and have a bit of an eerie feel to them. I love the mountains best, any time of the year, but they can not compete with this particular seaside quirkiness. That means, from time to time, we set out to visit the sea. And so, we're here.

I've been wearing this dress (the astrology-inspired print gives me heart eyes) a lot this summer but somehow never documented it for the blog. Perhaps because I'd usually just wear it solo, with bare legs and possibly a pair of sneakers. That's an outfit that falls in the category of 'too simple for the blog', thus, never photographed. From the very beginning, though, it looked promising as a piece to layer for the fall and I think this outfit fits the bill nicely. Can't wait to wear it with some autumn toned clothes as well --but living out of a backpack comes with its limits when it comes to putting together outfits.

I'm wearing a Medicine dress, Bershka sweater, old jacket, thrifted scarf, no name sneakers.


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