Custom sewing: Kaja's wedding dress

I've been writing here a lot about my bridal work this year, and it's finally time to show you what I meant. I've grown somewhat known in certain circles for sewing vintage-inspired wedding dresses with a bit of a twist. Pieces that differ from the RTW offer of the wedding salons.

I make these dresses right from the beginning: the process is called bespoke tailoring. That means I design the item, usually together with my customer, which includes some sketching before we decide on the final edit. We then begin the search for the perfect fabric, which goes on while we do other things. In the mean time, I take my customer's measurements to create the basic blocks. Those are flat drafts that, when sewn up, would closely resemble the lines of the body. They are a jumping off point for recreating the original design that we started with. My knowledge of clothing construction allows me to change the basic blocks into pretty much anything. It's a bit like magic only it requires quite a lot of rulers and spatial imagination. Mind you, this all happens on paper until this point. Only when I'm finished with the last point, I sew up a mock up version of the dress for the client to try on. There are usually a couple of these fitting sessions needed before I decide it's fine. Then, I cut into the fabric picked by my client and the final sewing process begins. That's actually the most labour-intensive but also the quickest part of the whole work. I can sew a dress within a day or two, depending on the design. That's why I was able to whip up a skirt and top set for a dear friend just two days before her wedding... but I digress. At the very end, I hem the skirt of the dress and the sleeves, if there are any, directly on my client so that everything looks crisp and even. I then sew in my label and the dress is ready!

That's pretty much the process we went through with Kaja. She based her design on this vintage dress and found her fabric on Spoonflower. The idea to make the border print go two way on the dress was her idea --and how great does that look?! Without further ado, take a look at her beautiful dress.

Kaja is wearing a bespoke wedding dress I made for her. Fabric is by Micklyn Le Feuvre, ordered from Spoonflower, this print on top part, this print on the skirt part. Photos by

P.S. Two more pics so that you can see the bodice better --I took these when I was dropping off the dress.



  1. Wow, you are incredibly talented, Klara! What a beautiful dress. And you were responsible for the 'whole' dress too - start to finish! Thanks for sharing about some of your bridal work with us - would love to see more. 😊

  2. It's beautiful! And she looks stunning :)

  3. That dress is so beautiful *-*! ♥ You have real talent there girl!


  4. Wspaniała jest ta sukienka a Panna Młoda wygląda bosko, zdjęcia z sesji ślubnej przepiękne.