Outfit: Transitioning

Man, this is no joke! I actually really needed that cardigan and the beret was not an afterthought, not to mention the scarf. How we're getting so quickly from 30+ temps to about half of that is beyond me. I want that moment of transition, the golden days of late summer and early autumn. That's the time I live for, you know? My favorite time in the world. The beautiful contrast of warm days and cool evenings, the smell of air getting ripe with early fallen leaves, the colours, the wind --everything is so different during this time. It's the time of youth, forever.

The things on my mind are multiplying: the sewing work, the photography work, family stuff, the new cat, my recent attempts to develop a running routine (I mean running as in with my legs and all)... But soon, very soon we go away, who knows where (we seriously don't know yet), for the long-awaited vacation. Come September, we're off. As much as I love my work, I don't remember the last time I was so excited for a break and so deeply aware how much I need it!

A message from my sponsor, Zaful: use surprise code ZFEN for a discount on your purchases made on their site! They also invite you to check out their selection orange bodycon dresses while you're waiting for autumn to arrive. I have my eyes on this cute retro knit set!

I wore a skirt c/o Zaful (sold out, more embroidered skirts), thrifted cardigan and scarf, blouse, sneakers, necklace, old beret and necklace.

Photos by my boyfriend.