Outfit: Pink flower on a cactus or how to get rid of bright pink hair color

Chicwish dress, old flats, old House of Disaster purse (sold out, satchel bag version), thrifted hat

Going blonde recently made an opportunity for me that I'd never had before: dyeing my hair different bright shades! I was certain that I want to have pink hair at some point in time so that was my first choice. I went to a store and bought the first pink color I put my eyes on, went home happily and proceeded to follow the instructions. I put the color in my hair, waited, rinsed and... well, it was pink. Very, very pink, bright magenta neon highliter pen color. See, I was a little bit shocked because I was going for cotton candy pink. Well. Let the moral of this story be: always read stuff they put on packaging, they're doing that for a reason, doofus. I did look at the packaging, only after I did the whole thing. It said 'Vivid color'. 'Semi-premanent color, up to 20 washes'. That's what it said. Well.

You know that I'm one for having fun with style. But this hair? It wasn't fun. It wasn't even funny. It was ridiculous. Now there's two types of ridiculous: one that's good (that would be my purse in this post) and one that's bad. This hair? It was the second type.

How to get rid of extremly bright pink hair color?

Here, I tested it for you so you don't have to.

There's no need for me to tell you how many sessions of washing my hair ensued that same night. They were many. Although probably not as many as 20. They did little to lighten the colour. I went on the internet and cried help to Google. Google pat me on my head and offered a few ways to fight the surprise magenta.

First, I took out the big guns: Vit C pills solution. Hint: don't use the non-soluble tablets like I did. They don't solve in water well and they leave your hair patchy and yellow. Yes, that was a phase my hair went through. Patchy pink and yellow. Lovely. Total fail.

I resisted to give up at that phase, though, and that was good. I found out it's better to go for the soda method: mix even proportions soda and clear shampoo, put it on your head and wait for half an hour (less if your scalp is irritation-prone). I did that twice in two consecutive days and my scalp wasn't super happy about it but my aesthetics and psyche were better. The color finally started to fade.

It was still patchy though (thanks, vitamin C!) so I went on and put in a washout colour in more or less the desired shade of pink. (See, I learn, I read the packaging this time around.) That evened out my hair on the whole as you can see in the photos. But while it photographed pretty well, by the time I've had it on my head for a couple of days, I was more than certain that pink is not the way to be me. Although it does match a wide part of my wardrobe, like this cute Chicwish dress with pink embroidery elements that turned out to be the exact same shade as my hair. I love the dress, by the way, and I'm sure would mix well with any hair color, natural or un-natural.

Another hint: washout colour is great. Why? Because you can wash it out. It took me two sessions with shampoo and my hair turned a very light dirty pink that you'll see in my next post. Still not my colour, so I decided to make a change... but that's too far in the future to talk about. (It's actually in the past now that I'm typing this whole story for you but time continuum on a blog is always a bit screwed, isn't it?)

Have you ever dabbled in non-natural hair colours? What was your experience? What was the biggest fail and the biggest hit? Let me know in the comments!

I'm wearing Chicwish dress, old flats, old House of Disaster purse (sold out, satchel bag version), thrifted hat.

Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. Myślałam, że mój kurczaczkowy w wieczór przez sesją u Ciebie to coś nie do przebicia, ale nawet jazda na sygnale do fryzjera bladym świtem, żeby to machnąć na fiolet to jednak nic przy Twojej terapii witaminowo-sodowej... Zeszła Ci juz skóra z głowy? :)

  2. Swoją drogą, piękne miejsce na sesję :)

  3. Ale urocze zdjęcia! Ogladałam je z usmiechem na twarzy!