Outfit: Old forts and shelters

We took these photos in the area where Bartek works --it's a part of 19th century fortifcation system, currently mostly adapted for some creative companies' offices and a few restaurants and bars. Still, a large part of this place is overgrown with old trees and ivy, and there are spots like this one which haven't been touched for decades. This bunker (most probably a shelter) is towering on a slope above the whole fort and it oversees most of the other buildings. The inside is just a short and narrow arched tunnel, completely empty, save for a couple of old and no longer functioning industrial lamps. Below, a much newer construction is already in a state of decline, slowly being taken apart. A new one will come in its place, perhaps a cafe or another bar. I wonder what will happen to this bunker. Maybe they will adapt it for another office? It's so tiny and a bit secluded, though, so it doesn't even seem like a potentially good investment to repair it. Anyway, whatever will happen to it, I'm sure its general shape will remain the same (the whole area is on the register of historic monuments too, so that helps). It's funny to think how some things just keep on existing while others rise and fall right there, in their presence.

I'm wearing a skirt I made, old flats and purse, blouse, thrifted jacket.

Photos by Bartek.


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