Outfit: Nightly

an old skirt, thrifted top, old jacket, sneakers (similar), necklace, vintage bag from my mum

Last time we took photos in the night, we enjoyed the process so much that we decided to do it again. This time, we explored parts of the city closer to out home and simultaneously very close to my memories --places I used to visit a lot when I was young and living almost across the street. I am definitely a fan of the neighbourhood where I was born and lived for the first 20+ years of my life. We live close by now, in fact, because after renting an apartament in the city center for a year, I insisted this is where I want to move. Honestly, I love it here. It probably has a lot to do with all the memories of growing up but it's also a conscious choice: this quarter is very green and close to the forest, it's quiet and it's got a friendly vibe with all the small stores and tiny gardens that people tend to around the blocks of flats. And the blocks, well... you get used to them. They are not a thing of beauty but with time, they accumulate a sort of industrial patina that makes them interesting. The settlements where I used to live are actually true gems of late socialist architecture and I mean it with no irony. They are spatious, well thought out and very cozy by nature. Sure, they consist of ugly concrete blocks of flats but the way they seem organically scattered around, tall and long adjoining the short, with all the green squares and studded with trees along quiet passways --this makes them feel neighbourly and they are definitely special, when compared with more modern urban solutions.

I'm wearing an old skirt, thrifted top, old jacket, sneakers (similar), necklace, vintage bag from my mum.

Photos by my boyfriend.


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  1. Your night photos are so great! Such cool vibes and so different from your usual sweet daylight photos.