Outfit: In a fairytale

It's been awfully long since I've last been to the mountains! And even more time has passed since I've visited a castle. With the upcoming vacation (finally!) I hope I can make up for all the lost time and be swept off my feet with enchanting views and mysterious locations. We might visit the mountains during our holidays and I will definitely go out of my way to find a castle or a mansion which to explore for hours, peeking into every nook and cranny and imagining stories that had happened within its walls. Heck, I'll even settle for an abandoned house if there are no castles to be found (and really, there aren't that many in Poland anymore, they've all decided to move to UK. I hear the social's better. There, I cracked a joke, I'm in a good mood today). Literally anything to get me out of the city!

(It started to pour as soon as I took the jumper off!)

The way things are at the moment, though, I have to keep on dreaming and imagining that I'm away. Perhaps I should aid myself with reading a fairytale or two to escape the reality of being pretty much locked in and buried under a pile of seemingly neverending wedding dresses. I'm not complaining here! It's just that sometimes I need to replenish my stocks of creativity and nothing gets my creative juices flowing better than something magical, unexplained, mysterious and, well, simply curious. I can lose myself in a story or in a picture --and today I'm losing myself within a skirt that's printed with the most fairytale scene ever. Mountains, forests and castles? Take me there now!

I'm wearing a skirt c/o Rosegal, old heels and purse, found vintage sweater, thrifted blouse, necklace.

Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. REWELACYJNIE> bardzo podoba mi się tło zdjęć

  2. Maybe (just maybe) you could cross the border to Germany and find castles there ;)
    They have the best supplies of enchanted dwellings from the monarchy days.

    Alive as Always

  3. I love that skirt!!! I need more of that in my life ♥. This was shot during the day you posted on IG that you were planning to shoot and suddenly it had started raining? lol.