Outfit: How to wear a mesh midi skirt and how to sew a simple slip for it

As a rule of a thumb, when I pick my clothes, I stick to fabrics that hold their shape. I love trapeze skirts, I feel great in thicker fabrics like velvet or jacquard and I prefer a shirt to a knit tee. But since I've been exploring other possibilities in the more recent times, I was curious how a more romantic style of a skirt would work for me. When Vipshop contacted me and asked if I wanted to style one of their pieces, I came upon this mesh skirt and decided to try it out. That I decided to pair it with a lightweight knit tee is living on the edge for me! The end result? Not too shabby, if I say so myself. I wasn't feeling as confident when I looked in the mirror but once I saw myself in the photos, I felt like things really clicked.

I like this skirt -- first of all, it's embroidered with pretty yellow flowers and honestly I've never been more happy with a trend than this year, when embroidery took the fashion world by a storm. Gimme all the embroidered pieces! I want them all. Also, the skirt is so elegant with the midi length and as it has gatheres at the waist, it makes me appear a bit more full than I really am but I really couldn't mind that! It apprears so feminine and pretty that I feel like a proper lady wearing it.

When I thought more about it, I was pretty surprised that a skirt like this could appear even more casual than the way I wore it here. Remove the necklace and add a regular crew neck tee (why not go for stripes this time around?) and wear white sneakers with it --that's a simple and cute city look you've got there. Naturally, it would be even easier to dress it up, as it has a lot of elegance to it. Just add a pair of heels and wear it with the shirt that it actually comes with (yep, that's a whole set, together with a belt!) and you get a really ladylike vibe.

This skirt comes with a long shirt which serves as a slip, but when I chose to wear it without it, I was left with see-through mesh that needed a proper lining. I whipped up a slip --that's the simplest thing to do!

How to sew a simple slip for a skirt

  • cut a rectangle of fabric of desired length and width,
  • sew up the shorter sides together
  • turn over both raw edges twice
  • sew along the lower edge, starting and finishing in the same place --that's your hem.
  • for the other edge, start sewing along the folded line and finish a few centimeters before the beginning of your stitching line. You have created a small tube/casing.
  • insert a piece of elastic into the casing and once you thread it through with a safety pin, sew together the ends
  • sew over the opening of the casing.
  • Done!
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I'm wearing a skirt and belt c/o VIPshop, a slip I made, flats, vintage basket bag, old tee, old necklace

I took the photos myself.



  1. śliczny naszyjnik :)
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  2. super stylizacja bardzo mi się podoba.
    Rewelacyjne dodatki :)

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