Outfit: Out in the light

top and skirt c/o Shein, thrifted hat (similar), yellow bag (similar), old flats

One of my newest style challenges has been finding colours to match my new hair. I never imagined how big a change dyeing my hair would make for me in this area! I'm used to wearing dark and deep colours that compliment my natural contrast of dark hair and light skin. Now that I've taken the contrast away, it feels like I need to subdue my clothes a bit as well. This set of a skirt with a fitted top felt like a natural choice because of its mild green and pink hues. A busy pattern is still a good idea in my case --and a style staple of mine (I honestly can't remember when the last time was that I wore a whole outfit where none of the pieces had a print or embroidery or another embellishment of some sort. That, and I like the idea of being able to wear this set as a dress with a cutout in the middle AND as separate pieces to match something else.

While I love the pattern and style of the skirt I am wearing, I think it's a bit short for me --it would work for the beach perhaps! But to wear it around the city comfortably, I'd have to figure out a way to lengthen it. And I think I have something just perfect in mind! I will be making a simple tutorial about lengthening a skirt soon, so stay tuned to learn how I improved this cute printed number.

I'm wearing top and skirt c/o Shein, thrifted hat (similar), yellow bag (similar), old flats, swallow ring (gift from a friend).

Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. Ależ Ci ładnie w tych nowych włosach! A komplecik przecudny!

  2. Hej, a gdzie zdjęcie tyłu tej kreacji? Wygląda super! Wygląda tak świetnie, że człowiek zaczyna się zastanawiać, czy naprawdę musiał jeść wczoraj kolację. :)

  3. Przepięknie wyglądasz w tej sukience :)