Outfit: Into darkness

We took off one night to wander through the city, following the lights that lead us from one spot to another, as if preparing us for a bigger journey. I found myself feeling magically drawn to my memories of earlier times, when I was a young girl and would get similarily mesmerized by the night, breathing it in and feeling its electricity. I wasn't a pretty teen. I didn't care about my looks and didn't care about my clothes. The pieces I'm wearing today are a variation on that theme: they aren't all ruffles and prints, my usual kind of cute. Somehow, though, in this simple ensemble, and in that one rainy night, I found a continuity between the teen me and the me now: something that I've been neglecting and overlooking wuite routinely. I think a continuity like that is valuable in one's life. I'm glad to have seen it.

I'm wearing a skirt I made from self drafted pattern, found blouse and sweater, pin, Clarks mary janes (sold out, similar).

Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. I love these photos- they are so different than what you usually post, and they are so intriguing.

  2. I feel like I've told you too many times about how much I love these photos (that one with your legs hanging should be a murder mystery movie poster, like seriously), so I'm just going to say one more time: I LOVE THE AESTHETICS OF THESE PHOTOS, KLARA!

    Okay, I'm going to shut up now. Enjoy.

    Alive as Always

  3. Oh, these are so different from you usual photos. So striking, so clean and creepy (in the best possible way)! I agree with the commenter above that the hanging leg photo should be used for something, although, instead of murder mystery I'd suggest an indie music album cover.