Outfit idea: Dress pink for summer

One of my first thoughts on sunmmer fashion now that I'm blonde? Dress pink! I've long had a slight infatuation with pink clothes and it's really weird that I don't own more (I don't even have any fabrics in this colour to sew something for myself! So weird!). As I was browsing the internet for ideas, I came across this dress which, in fact, only looked pink in the thumbnail but it turned out to be printed in a small plaid (this type is called tattersall) that was burgundy and appeared pinkish against the white background. No matter the colour, though, I was already taken with it. While I try to stay away from these traditionally feminine shapes now that my hair is very short, the whole shape of the dress is a dream and I just couldn't help but imagine what to wear it with. It looks like it's taken straight out of some 1950s movie! Audrey Hepburn could easily have worn it on one of her films.

So, sticking with this idea, I came up with this outfit, composed of vintage inspired and true vintage items (these loafers!). 1950s everyday outfit means focusing on detail but avoiding wearing too many pieces. A lady would never add bulk to her look, hence the tiny earrings and small bag. She should always wear a nice hat in summer. The loafers are my personal touch, though. I imagine a lady wearing a lovely pair of classic heels but if this was me, I'd go for flat shoes any day.


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