Outfit: A different type of pretty

There's this thing that happens every once in a while and makes me feel like it's my birthday: someone leaves a bag of clothes by the bins in my neighbourhood. I've already posted a couple of shoots with clothes I'd gotten this way and you can see them under "found fashion" tag. Some of the most interesting pieces include a silk knit blouse and this bunny print wool cardigan, among some others. This time, I was lucky enough to score a couple of bags of vintage clothes from the 1960s to the 1980s, all in my size --and right on the day on my birthday, too! And, to be honest, the most thrilling thing... this is going to sound weird but I'll say it anyway --this fun but mostly unsignificant occurence kind of shook my personal style world.

See, there were two pairs of 70s flared jeans in the bags. I took them with no other intention than laughing my head off when I try them on. At home, I put them on. And they fit like a glove. And my waist was small and my hips were round and my legs were cutely thick and all was right with the world. The one thing that isn't, is that they are kinda short. I still have to figure out how to lengthen them. But regardless --those jeans paired together with cute sweaters like the green one that I'm wearing today, felt like something new and exciting to me. Something I've not felt in a long time. A different type of cute. Something I want to build around. Simpler, more classic, less in-your-face and show-stopping but still very personal and different. Just like today's outfit, which feels very "me" at the moment.

So, in upcoming posts, I will show you more of my newly found wardrobe, matched with other pieces, possibly ones that I made or ones that are modern. Stay tuned.

I'm wearing a skirt I made from a pattern I drafed myself, found vintage sweater and polo shirt, old flats, thrifted vintage backpack.

Photos by my boyfriend.


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