Outfit: The classics

Hilfiger Denim dress (gift, similar), Sad Girl pin, vintage kitten heels (more woven shoes), vintage basket (similar)

Can you say: what goes around, comes around? Here's an outfit composed solely of vintage and second hand items. I got the dress from a dear friend (she's a super talented doll maker, check out her work at Tarantoga Art Dolls), the shoes are thrifted vintage and the basket is a vintage find from my mum's closet, dating back to the 1970s when she was young and fashionable.

The dress is a classic: a chambray shirtdress. Thanks to a slightly loose fit, it's perfect for the high temps that we're having. The sleeves make it great for evenings that still seem to be taken out of Spring --they're never really warm.

I am also pretty happy with the recent basket bag trend. Baskets are so pretty! And they make me think of a picnic right away. I want a picnic, you guys.

As for the shoes, I anticipate a comeback of woven flats and pumps in the next few years. They've been very popular in the 70s and with the great comeback of fashion inspired by the decade, I feel like more of these styles are about to sprout. It's just a hunch, though, so don't quote me on that! If you like the style, it's worth it to take a peek on etsy: there are some delicious styles to be found in the vintage section.

I'm wearing a Hilfiger Denim dress (gift, similar), Sad Girl pin, vintage kitten heels (more woven shoes), vintage basket (similar)

Photos by my boyfriend.