I went blonde!

It happened! I've been thinking about it for a while now and finally decided to go blonde. Long story short? I love it.

It was my first time changing my hair colour, would you believe that? For years I've been watching some gorgeous people change their hair colour but I always thought that I couldn't pull it off like they do. Recently, though, I've felt like I'm owning my decisions regarding my body more and more (remember when I went pixie? And then, I went even shorter) and the curiosity about changing something about my looks kept growing until it finally won. I decided to go platinum blonde. I knew I wanted to do it but was a bit uncertain at the same time. As much as I trust my intuition, I had this question roaming around some deep passages of my brain: what if I don't like it? I didn't let it ruin my decision, though, because the answer to this was easy, really: I'd dye it another color. But, as it turns out, I didn't have to because it was an instant like from the first peek in the mirror!

But this look is so different from the one before! What about your natural color, you ask? I love it. True story. I think it's beautiful, the chocolate brown that goes chestnut in the sunlight. It's gorgeous with its surprising white threads that keep happening more and more as I get older. I will gladly come back to it one day, when the thrill of the new has faded.

So why did I dye my hair if I love my natural color? The answer is very simple, really: I was curious. I wanted to do it. I fing joy in experimenting.

I think if you like something, it doesn't necessarily mean you should never change it. Changes are fun, they are educational, they bring a breath of fresh air to your day to day life. If you are curious about something, why not follow your imagination and gut feeling? I mean, if you want to do something but you don't, why is that? In my case, it would be because of my fear of some outside voices that could bring me negative feedback. But let's be honest here: so what if someone doesn't like it? Does it make their opinion worth more than my own? There is just one person in the world who can tell me what I should or shouldn't do with my body: that person is me. I trust that person to make good decisions. And even if I don't, well, it's not the end of the world. A mistake can be as liberating as a good choice, if not more.

But! Dyeing my hair blonde was definitely a good choice in my book!

What was your best and worst decision regarding your hair? 
What was the biggest change that you made to it? 
How did you like it?



  1. I've never really dyed my hair and I wouldn't do it... but I did have my hair long to the waist and one day I decided to cut it to my shoulders :P I don't regret it at all!!


  2. I already commented before on your instagram when I saw it, but I really love your blonde colour- it's so fun! I couldn't resist commenting here too :)

  3. You look so diffrent but also great. I'm not so bold.