Outfit: Back to school with Redbubble

I'm partnering with Redbubble today to show you guys a way to make lives better. This is a bold claim, I know, so hear me out. Worth it.

I've known about Redbubble for ages. They approached me years ago and invited me to publish some of my works with them. I was a fledgling photographer back then and loved their ingenious idea of spreading art in various forms. If I did not sign up, it was because I felt I had much to learn before I could share my works (which wasn't a bad move, seriously). 'But what is this idea you speak of', I hear you ask? Well, Redbubble is a company where you can shop for art and they allow you to access it in various forms. Whether you like your art quirky, cute or serious, you can find something there that will make your heart jump. And then, by powers of printing magic, you can turn it into a tee or a tote bag or a poster... or almost anything you like, for that matter! A skirt or a duvet cover, yes, and mugs, and sweet sweet journals too. I love a good skirt. I like a tote with a message and --something you might not have known about me --I can't live without journals. I want all the hardcover blank papery goodness with awesome art on it.

So when Redbubble approched me again a while ago and asked if I wanted to make my comeback to school in style with them, I simply had to say: yes, please.

(Side note: the location I picked for this shoot is, conviniently, grounds of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.)

From among the many beautiful items they had in store, I picked some that just made me feel good. A tote that says 'Have a nice day' (art by the hand-letterer skitchism from Jakarta) is an easy way to make a personal statement. It is not just good for me --it's good for other people as well! It reminds everyone that going back to school can be nice. While carrying the tote, I've already met with a few smiles that I gladly nodded back to.
The skirt (by Sam Brewster, an illustrator and filmmaker from London) is not just a fun and cheerful portrayal of London --it serves as a personal memory trigger for me, and reminds me of that time I went to see London and it was one of the best experiences ever. Who wouldn't like to remember and daydream about their vacation travels when school starts?

You know what's making me feel good, too? I knew that when I ordered the pieces for this post, an artist got paid a revenue from the sale made on a site. As an artist myself, and as a human being who believes other humans should be paid for things they do for a living, I think this is awesome. Don't you?

All in all, it's that simple: by shopping at Redbubble, you're supporting independent artists, you are enriching your closet with some seriously stylish items and you are spreading happiness. You do you and an artist gets paid. And someone might smile at you in the street. Sounds good? Go to redbubble.com and get ready to get back to school with style. And to make lives even better (see, I told you!), I have a discount code for 15% off to share with you. Just type arobotheart15 during check out! It's valid until 21.08. so you have plenty of time to browse and pick your favorite pieces. Also check out this collection of pre-selected awesome back to school items, you might just find something perfect for you in there!

I'm wearing a skirt and tote c/o Redbubble, thrifted blouse, old flats. Journal by Pauliina Hannuniemi c/o Redbubble.

Photos by my boyfriend.


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