Travels: Sailing to Amsterdam

Sharing a few photos from a recent sailing trip I took with a couple of new and old friends. We travelled across the Baltic Sea and the North sea to Amsterdam. It was quite an adventure for me! First time sailing the sea as well. Once my sea sickness was over (two days in...), I really enjoyed the experience. The mass of water all around, sometimes peaceful, sometimes forceful, the weird sleeping patterns (we were on watches on deck for 4 hours at a time and often slept for the rest of the time because of the lulling quality of the waves), the weird sounds made by the boat, some singing and playing the guitar, the laughter and chatter and the silence of 12 people living in a small, confined space --it felt like I was right where I belong for a moment there. And of course, the views... We even saw a seal and a couple of dolphins or porpoises! I'd definitely want to do it again sometime, although maybe when it's a bit warmer... We had a running joke about having cold feet for a week there!



  1. Amsterdam is quite far from Poland! Congratulations on your journey, what a magnificent undertaking.

  2. Przyroda i wtopiona w nią architektura, zderzenie naturalności i dzieła człowieka dają niezapomniane wrażenia. Kiedy nie mozna tam być, zdjęcia pozwalają je przeżyć. I utrwalić. Piękne.

  3. You've got some lovely photographs of the experience! ^_^. It sounds lovely!