Outfit/Style tips: How to shop for a short biker jacket

Even More Skirt! made by me, Primark shirt, Pier One boots, Eclectic Eccentricity necklace, faux leather jacket (similar), vintage belt, Virivee tights, thrifted sweater (I shortened it, similar style)

Phew, it's been such a cold May up until now! I am not even kidding with the sweater in this post. It may look all sunny but the reality is that it's about 10C! Luckily, in the sun it's considerably warmer and it's ok to go out with just a lighter layer of outerwear, much like my faux leather jacket.

On that subject, I was so lucky to have found this short jacket last autumn! Most of the biker jackets I've tried on were too long which in my case equals wrinkling around my hips. Not nice. Adds centimeters that aren't even there (like I'd need any more...). See, while I'm of average height --I'm 167 cm or 5'5 tall --my upper body proportions are more of a petite person's. I have high hips and a short waist which means my best bet is on cropped everything: pieces that end right at my waist or just below it. It's not easy to find those pieces because even with our current crop-top trend, most things tend to be too long for me...

So! If your figure is similar to mine, you could use a hand finding your own biker jacket! I have compiled a few tips on how to shop online for those and maximize a chance of being happy with your purchase the first time around! Scroll below to find out.

How to shop online for a perfect biker jacket when you're petite

1. Look for a style that isn't too bulky. That means no oversized lapels, zippers, shoulders etc. Unless you're going for that 'I borrowed this from my 2 m tall friend' look which is fine, too! But then you don't need my next tips which are for a more fitted kind of jacket.

2. Check the measurements. This is crucial. Most brands will list measurements of every product on their site, you just need to look for "sizing" or "measurements" tab. The most important piece of information here is the length of the jacket: go for something that's between 45 and 50 cm, or 17.5 to 19.5 in. For me, the perfect length is 47 cm or 18.5 in. To aid this even further, you can measure yourself to see what your torso length is. Get your measuring tape out and put at the side of your neck, go through the center point on your bust (meaning: the tip on one of your breasts) and finish at your waist. Et voila! This is your fitted crop top length! Add about 3 cm to that for a sweater or a jacket. You can generally add up to 10 cm for a flattering look that falls below your waist.

3. Look at your jacket's hemline. Does it flare out? If so, it's going to be fitted at both your waist and your upper hip area. If it's ending in a cinch, it's probably designed to end right at your waist (meaning it's really short). If it's just square at the hemline, it's not going to be super fitted. Btw., all these styles work! It's just a matter of preference.

Below are a few short biker jackets that I'd found and thought I'd share with you. Happy shopping!

Wearing an Even More Skirt! that I made, Primark shirt, Pier One boots, Eclectic Eccentricity necklace, faux leather jacket (similar), vintage belt, Virivee tights.

Photos by myself.


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