Outfit: Hello this is nerd

a pinafore I made (similar), blouse c/o Romwe, sneakers, beetroot pin, coffee pot pin, TV test card pin , 'Mulder it's me' pin.

I was born in the mid 80s and grew up during the 90s. The early nineties were funny: colorful, happy, childish. In Poland, it was a time of renewal, as the country was finally free after many decades of being more or less under soviet rule (in Poland we call those times "communism" even though it's not entirely accurate --it's just a keyword we use). People were feeling enterpreneurish, they loved their freedom and they adopted without question all the trends from the West. The mythical West that was finally free and safe to view. We were un-learned people and we inhaled everything. Communism did its job: our aesthetics were, and mostly still are, like a child's. In the 90s, we wanted whatever was screaming loud and clear, we loved commercials, we loved things that were big and 'modern' and expensive-looking. Plastic, colorful, out of the ordinary. The ordinary, so far, had been grey and sad. Now there was hope in attractive bold colors and so much energy in loose fitting clothes that yelled 'active lifestyle!' at you.

I remember wearing neon or velvet tracksuits to school, those were very trendy. I had this one rain-or-shine jacket (it's still in the family, currently residing in Granny's summer cottage in the country) that was neon green and blue and formless. I hated it so much because of those very features and because I was forced to wear it even in front of the boy I liked. It was practical, though, and that was a feature highly regarded in my not very opulent home. It was high-tech and colorful and that made it fun in my mum's eyes --used to grey and dull reality of the communism. What a difference of perspectives.

But other than that horrifying fashion, the 90s brought amazing pieces of culture to our homes. TV series: mine were Hercules and Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Full House and when I grew up a bit, I fell in love with the X-files. In mid 90s, there were also a couple of animes on tv and I sunk right into the cute factor of the drawings. Sailor Moon, Tiger Mask, Yattaman, Gigi, I watched them all without fail. As demand from the public rose, some manga-related magazines emerged and soon, we got to watch Slayers and Dragon Ball on tv.

Computer games were all the rage: first ones I played were Dyna Blaster, Prince of Persia and Supaplex. I remember watching as an older friend played rpgs like Realms of Arkania or Lands of Lore or, well, Knights of Xentar. I loved these. Later, when I got my own pc, I played Daggerfall, The Exile III, Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and Dungeon Keeper. With a couple of camrades, we played pen and paper rpgs. We were 5: four guys and me, and we were inseparable. We got into heavy metal music, then into heavier metal music. Death and black were so cool in our minds. We were also cool, wearing all black everything and worker boots and military jackets. A rebellion on our part against the still cutely colorful fashion (though more form-fitting now) of the early 2000s. With all this baggage: the music, the games, the mangas and the tv shows, I was a true nerd of that time and place. And proud.

That clique defined me for a few beautiful teenage years. It sort of went away as of 2004, though, when we took different directions in our lives and split to study in different cities. The nerdy me went below the surface. It lived subcutaneously and still does to this day.

As a teen, I never wore outfits like the one from today's post. I wouldn't have been able to even if I'd wanted, fashion wasn't quite there when I was a teen. This nerdy image is new, it's the 2010s image of a nerd. It's cute, I like it and I can pull it off. I love the enamel pin trend. I adore the pinafore trend. I can live with the sneakers trend (I was forced to wear sneakers to primary school because they had white soles and didn't leave marks on the floor as you walked --as a result, everybody wore them and they were considered dull. We used to write and draw on them to make them personal and just a tiny bit unique. It was walking a fine line, as it was usually frowned upon by the adults, since they saw it as us simply damaging our good shoes). But it's not my youth and not my personal experience. I feel a bit like doing cosplay.

Me --I'm on the right in the photo below. And let's leave it at that.

Wearing a pinafore I made (similar), blouse c/o Romwe, sneakers, beetroot pin, coffee pot pin, TV test card pin , 'Mulder it's me' pin.

Photos by my boyfriend. The last one by my friend's dad.



  1. This is such a great post! Thank-you for giving us all a glimpse into your childhood :) I love your 2010's version of "nerd" fashion.
    The Artyologist

  2. Hi Klara, love your pinafore! You really pull that whole outfit off so well. :)
    I found it really interesting reading what you wrote about what it was like growing up post-communism. Does the Poland you live in now still feel elements of that Soviet past or has it mostly been shaken off/left in the past?