Outfit: Cats in the sun

dress c/o Shein, flats, cardigan (similar, a gift from a friend), thrifted boater har, old purse, vintage belt, necklace c/o Good Looking Objects

Soaking in the sun much? Well, at least I had one day to wear a summer dress between laying sick in bed and the weather turning yet again. Word is, tomorrow we're back to around zero temps. I can't stress enough how this annoys me. But! At least we had this one day in the sun, which is nice. I got to wear this cute cat-printed shirtdress in navy --it's the most flowy lightweight cotton, just perfect for those days when you'd need a touch of breeze to cool yourself off... and those days couldn't come soon enough!

Otherwise, I've been away recently, sailing with a bunch of friends! We went throught the Baltic and the North Seas and reached Amsterdam where we stayed for four full days. What a pleasure! It was my first time to sail the seas and even though it was a bit hardcore at times, it was a great new adventure and a totally new experience --I can always appreaciate those. Cold as it was (and it was freaking cold, with snow along the way), the sights were unforgettable and I will soon share a bunch of the prettier shots that I took. Amsterdam as a city was pretty amazing, too, although inredibly crowded --no wonder though, since we arrived during the celebration of King's Day, or king's birthday --what a lovely tradition, no?

I hope to be back to regular posting soon but I swear if this cold weather persists, I will go on another break because I just can't take it this year... No summery dresses in temps below 20C for me!

Wearing: dress c/o Shein, flats, cardigan (similar, a gift from a friend), thrifted boater har, old purse, vintage belt, necklace c/o Good Looking Objects

Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. Beautiful you, and beautiful photos! I have that dress and yes -- it's perfect for a hot day, nice and soft and lightweight! Thanks for including the necklace, sugar! Wishing you warm and consistent weather :-)

  2. Such lovely pictures! The weather drives me mad, too. I can't even snap some pictures between the rain showers, because everything is just a muddy landslide and doesn't look good as a background.
    Your adventure sounds fun! I bet you could take some amazing pictures! Was it hard to sleep on the boat?