Outfit: Made to match + Skirt naming contest

No problem looking correctly clothed this time (as opposed to last time)! Everything's nicely crisp and sits where it's supposed to with just the right amount of weight. Nothing too clingy, nothing too loose. Nothing too flowy nor too heavy and nothing overly feminine --with just the right touch of girly. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a balance. Phew.

I made this skirt a while ago and it's the second one from a pattern I drafted during the clothing construction course I attended and let me just say this: this shape is just. so. good looking on me. Ah, a bit of healthy self-appreciation never killed anyone. I can't get over how slim my hips look in this perfectly fitted skirt. And believe you me, my hips are the part of me that is the most stubborn (well, with the exception of the heart but that's another matter). My waist has slimmed down about 5-7 cm in the past year and yet my hips remain steadily wide. I definitely have a built in cushion on which to sit. How convenient!

...also not really convenient when I have to shop for clothes. Have you ever had the problem where your butt won't fit in a smaller size but fabric's loose around your waist in the larger size? I know I have it, like, all the time. My answer to that is here and it's more of a question, really: do you know why drafting your own patterns and sewing your own clothes is so awesome? Well, because I can account for the 33 cm gap between my waist and hips. Standard sized clothing found in stores usually allows one to have at most 25 cm of said gap --and that is already considered a lot.

On a side note, please send in your ideas for the name of this skirt because it's going to be another one of those pieces I'm sewing to order! It will sport different shaped patch pockets --including cat heads, hearts and teacups. Let your creativity flow! The winner will receive a 20% discount for a piece of clothing of their choice made by yours truly. If I like more than one idea, I'll give out more discounts. You have until 20.04. and I will feature a winner on 21.04. Can't wait to hear your ideas!



  1. City Cafe Skirt- it's so cute!

  2. The "made-to-stay-skirt"
    I really like it!

  3. I totally have the waist hip measurement gap thing too. So anoying right? I just cant wear dresses that are not loose around the hips as my upper body is size xs while my hips are more m. I just measured it and I have a 34 cm gap so we're in the same boat ;). I really want to come up with a good name but it is hard... eh what about "blue skies are coming" skirt in honour of the better weather coming our way as the days become longer and spring progresses.

  4. Klara, how you continue to awwwe and inspire me! I'm in love with this skirt!!! I completely relate to having those "hard-to-deal-with" body gaps. My small bust, wide hips, and short legs have been the cause of many dressing room melt downs. Since I began sewing more of my own clothes, I have found so much more love for my body and gaped measurements.

    As for naming your skirt, how about "The Pocketed Gap Skirt" or "Pocketing the Gap Skirt." The name honoring the cute pocket choice options, as well as the fact that this skirt closes gaps for those of us with waists much smaller than our hips!

    Lots of Love! ~ Monica


  5. How about one hand in my pocket -skirt?

    I really like this one!