...and the winner is...

Two weeks ago I announced a skirt naming contest for a design that I created and today is the day to announce the winner!


Ela who suggested a very creative name for this skirt: "Even more... skirt"! I love her entry because the name will change slightly along with the skirt versions that I'm going to sew. Like I said, I want to adorn these skirts with various shaped pockets so this name will follow that idea. When the pockets are heart shaped, the skirt is going to be named "Even more hearts skirt". When I pick cat heads as the pocket shape, it will change to "Even more cats skirt". Thank you, Ela, that was really awesome thing to think about!

That said, thank you all for your entries! It was so exciting to read all your ideas and all of them were really great!


Another small anouncement: I'm going on vacation for about two weeks. I will be curising the mighty (and cold) seas with a couple of friends! If reception allows, I will surely post to my Instagram, so make sure chck out my stories for pictures of the coast and the sea. Also please keep your fingers crossed so I don't get seasick too much!


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