Outfit: Vernal Equinox

thrifted jeans, sweater, vintage backpack and boots and belt

I certainly wish today was as warm and sunny as the day these photos were taken. But Spring is now here (it's Vernal Equinox today) so I'm happy anyway! Can you feel the freshness in the air? Though it might be chilly and cloudy, I can hear the birds singing their hearts out just like I would. Even the rain is pleasant. I got soaked a few days back, caught in the rain, but it was the gentlest soak and the most caring rain --spring rain! Not the hateful and eternally sad rain of November, but the sweet and tender rain of March. I can almost smell the flowers waiting to bloom. Forsythias are going to explode any moment and I can't wait to see that vibrant yellow colour --I think it's the first one to show up around these parts.

What's the first thing to bloom around you?

Wearing thrifted jeans, sweater, vintage backpack and boots and belt.
Photos by my boyfriend.



  1. I follow your Instagram and love your photos! The pink tones here are so romantic looking :)

  2. Oh, I just adore these photos! The colors are absolutely divine, and the roses on your shoulders are exactly the right touch.

    Your spring rains have come to my part of the world as well! I took Moxie for a walk this afternoon while the sun was shining and ended up getting a nice, unexpected drizzle in the middle of it!